Laughing, snarking, lying Bloody Joe killed 12 brave marines and 60 innocent Afghans today

Don’t underestimate Joe’s ability to fuck things up.

— Barack Obama

Biden has “been wrong on nearly every major foreign policy and national security issue over the past four decades.”

— Robert Gates, Secretary of Defense under Barack Obama

Nobody’s being killed

— Joe Biden, a week ago today

Joe Biden recently learned a trick from Kamala. When he’s asked a legitimate question that he doesn’t want to answer, he laughs. This buys him time and maybe even avoids altogether the necessity for an answer. It also exhibits scorn for the questioner for his impertinence in asking the question.

Sometimes it works. But it works less well when the question is about human lives at stake.

It’s all part of his flippancy, snarkiness and gaslighting as he tries to divert attention away from the humanitarian catastrophe that he created in his Afghanistan abandonment. His strategy seems to have been something like “ready, fire, aim.” It was “ready, evacuate the military, then bring them back ill-equipped and badly outnumbered to save some of the civilians.” Civilians that are scattered around a country the size of Texas.

This guy couldn’t organize a company picnic.

When a Democrat reporter hand-picked for a softball interview last week asked Biden about the horrible video of an Afghan teenager falling hundreds of feet from a plane that was taking off, Biden angrily interrupted, “That was four days, five days ago!” as if it was ancient history (actually, it was only two days before the interview).

When a reporter asked a legitimate question of him at a press conference – where he of course was refusing questions – as to what he would do if the evacuation didn’t proceed timely, he snarked to the reporter, “You’ll be the first one I’ll call.” His handlers had cut his microphone because they’re terrified these days that he’ll respond to a question in exactly that way, but the reporters heard and confirmed his snark.

Today the inevitable happened. Biden’s catastrophic handling of the evacuation detonated a bomb, literally. A suicide bomb was detonated at the crowded gates to the civilian airport where the administration had instructed Americans to come for evacuation (while simultaneously telling them they couldn’t guarantee anyone’s safety in getting there, even though the Brits were doing exactly that with their people by sending out armed escorts to retrieve their civilians).

This is all being managed haphazardly from the civilian airport because Biden has already surrendered to the Taliban the U.S. airbase along with a few zillion dollars’ worth of military equipment and weapons stored there and elsewhere. (How long before they point a U.S. made stinger missile at a departing evacuation plane?)

Official casualty reports are that the bomb blew up 12 U.S. Marines and 60-some Afghans. The wounded, maimed and crippled will be hundreds more.

This isn’t funny, and someone who tries to deflect attention from legitimate questions about it with laughter, snark and lies is sick – physically, emotionally or both. Especially if that someone is putatively leader of the free world and the Commander in Chief of the most lethal military in history.

This heartless nincompoop has blood on his hands. Biden killed those 12 brave Marines and those 60 innocent Afghan men, women and children as surely as if he’d been wearing that suicide bomber vest himself.  

If we the people allow him to remain in office spilling more blood, then we too will have blood on our hands. Biden must go. We owe that to ourselves and to the world.

Update: The U.S. death toll is now 13, plus another 18 wounded. The Afghan death toll is now over 200.

40 thoughts on “Laughing, snarking, lying Bloody Joe killed 12 brave marines and 60 innocent Afghans today

  1. I’m very sorry to say Mr. Beaton, I’m not at all surprised, in fact I expected this kind of performance from what and how he has acted historically. He was against taking out Bin Laden for one and I have “0” blame for Trump and I seriously miss his mean vindictive tweets, he fought back!.

  2. How are we going to get rid of him? Until we take the House in 2023, we can’t impeach him, and even then, will the Senate have a 2/3 vote to convict?

  3. God I hope Biden and his Dominionrat owners are made to pay in very personal and physically painful terms for this totally unnecessary yet predictable result of his America hating, anti-freedom policies. Damn them all. Damn their evil souls.

    • “Damn their evil souls.”

      According to “Nature’s God,” which is the predicate for everything said in The Declaration of Independence, these people are self-condemned by their “long train of abuses and usurpations” evincing an “Absolute Despotism,” toward which this administration is well on its way.

      According to my understanding, the Roman Catholics among these abortion-loving, perversion-promoting tyrants are profaning the Body of Christ and, in Paul’s words, “drinking their condemnation” every time they they receive the Sacraments of Holy Communion. (And the bishops who permit this are in much greater trouble.)

      But, hey, what do these Marxists care about talk of God and the understandings of the past three millennia? Like Biden, they turn everything to dross.

  4. I forget, what was Glenn’s position on the election? Wasn’t it that this pathetic utter fool of a “president” got 81 million votes & won fair & square? Ummm, Glenn, I don’t think so.

    • Let me understand your logic.

      Not a single judge in the land — many of whom were appointed by Trump — found evidence of fraud sufficient to overturn the election. Well regarded conservative authorities like the WSJ Editorial page, and virtually all other respected authorities concluded there was no evidence of fraud sufficient to overturn the election.

      But you — YOU! — have found such evidence. Your evidence that Biden committed sufficient fraud to overturn the election is…

      …[drum roll}…

      … that he’s a terrible president.

      Yes, he’s indeed a terrible president. But to state the obvious, that is not evidence that he committed sufficient fraud to overturn the election.

      • No judges actually evaluated evidence of fraud. Lawsuits were dismissed on technical grounds, mostly (timing, and standing). So whether there was enough fraud to swing the election remains undetermined and probably always will be.

      • Indeed. But what’s stopping Trump from presenting that evidence in the court of public opinion? We heard grand claims of compelling evidence of fraud from his lawyers like Rudy Giuliani but it all fizzled.

      • On the other hand, Glenn . . .

        “Does anyone believe that five states independently and without consultation decided to stop counting votes at about the same time on election night?” [And that the clear leader in all five became the clear loser?] — Tom Mayer, “Sometimes there really is a conspiracy to theorize about”

        Can’t trust our lying eyes? Are you paying attention to the audits occurring in these states, or being suppressed in some of them?

      • I’m certainly paying attention to the audits in the states. So far, not a single audit in a single state has uncovered sufficient fraud to overturn the result in that state. And to overturn the entire election would require 3-4 state overturns.

        Listen, by friends. I voted for, campaigned for and supported Trump. I predicted he would win — twice. But the fact that Biden is an incompetent, senile, corrupt old fool does not substitute for evidence that he fraudulently stole the election. (In fact, an argument could be made that he’s obviously too incompetent to steal an election. This guy would fuck up the stealing of a picnic basket, even with Yogi and Boo-Boo along with him.)

      • Yes, but don’t mistake this fool for the Puppeteers whose identity you were speculating about previously. Obviously, it takes a gigantic oligarchy to pull this off, and to continue to prop up this pathetic homunculus.

      • To continue, Glenn: A week ago you concluded that Barack Obama is Biden’s string-puller, but Obama is also little more than a puppet of the same crowd (See my reply to Steve, below) — a completely manufactured Manchurian Candidate, set out to “fundamentally transform” America the way Pope Francis has been set out to transform the Church. He might be the “proximate” string-puller, but the Big Puppeteer is “out there,” as cloaked as the Order of Freemasons once was.

        To repeat, the election was stolen by vast amounts of money doled out to Democrat operatives by “higher powers” in high places, whose powers include the ability to suppress evidence and ridicule “conspiracy theorists.”

  5. Did a single judge in the land even look for evidence of election fraud? I thought they all threw out cases for lack of standing and such.

  6. I highly recommend tonight’s live stream by RAMZPAUL. He waxes eloquent over Biden’s vicious, anti-American, anti-white administration, which is full of the kind of people who laugh at and deride the very class of people, viz., white guys from blue states, who are most likely to join the Marines, and thus, most likely to die for their country (or what they thought was their country until it was highjacked by the LGBTQ, BLM, Antifa crowd). The very same ones who Biden and his supporters hate on account of “the patriarchy,” or “white privilege,” or every other thing they bitch and moan about. Their deaths were not in any way, shape or form in defense of their “country,” but in defense of the neo-cons like Kristol, Ruben, French, et al. The irony of this fiasco is the overwhelming theme. Basically, Ramsey says, “Fuck Biden and the horse he rode in on.” I’m Steve retired/recovering lawyer, and I heartily approve that message.

    • Yes, and “the horse he rode in on” deserves a lot more attention than the clown in the saddle. It’s not just the “LGBTQ, BLM, Antifa crowd”: it’s also the Zucker-Zuckerberg-Dorsey-Bezos-Sulzberger crowd; it’s the “pandemic”-mongering crowd in the WHO, CDC, and NIH which has Dr. Fausti, er, Fauci, as its principal puppet, and which is shutting down free societies everywhere; it’s the Davos crowd that views Brexit and America First, Donald Trump and Victor Orban as its greatest obstacles; it’s the St. Gallen Mafia that has Pope Francis as its principal puppet, and so on. Have I left anyone out? Oh yeah, the Gates Foundation is in the mix somehow.

      As you say, F them all.

  7. Error message: Substitute “red” for “blue” in my rant. I’m so steamed over Biden’s bullshit that I’m not thinkin’ straight.

  8. Biden’s evacuation of Afghanistan is an act of gross criminal negligence.

    Imagine if your community elected a new dog catcher, maybe because the previous dog catcher said mean things on Twitter, then six months later the new dog catcher pulls out all of his staff from the dog pound while releasing hundreds of rabid dogs into your community. The rabid dogs go out and manage to attack and bite your family, neighbors, the mailman, the little girl playing hopscotch, etc.

    Well … then this would be criminal negligence on the part of the dog catcher. His actions and policy created such a dangerous and hazardous situation that he should be subject to criminal sanctions.

    Send Biden to the doghouse …

  9. It’s definitely harsh to say Joe Biden killed those people. But he WAS unprepared for an eventuality some people DID foresee, the people ARE dead and he IS ultimately responsible.

    • Trouble is, it was Joe Biden’s decision. Trouble is that it’s easy to say, as he did, ‘the buck stops with me’, but harder to take responsibility. Trouble isn’t the withdrawal, but the inept way it was handled.

  10. If that immoral bunch, the Democrats and their media followers covered for Biden before the election, it’s not so far fetched for those of us capable of clear thinking to believe that the election results were tampered with. Talking about immoral, what was Jill Biden, that utter disgrace thinking in going along with the plot.

  11. Biden’s teleprompter informed us yesterday that “We will not be deterred… We will not let them stop our mission.”

    Well, the “mission” is surrender, abandonment and humiliation. Isn’t it comforting to hear that Biden will not be deterred from that?

    Query: What will he say and do if, God forbid, the same thing happens again tomorrow?

    • Yes, the humiliation — indeed, the political, societal destruction— of America is precisely the mission is his puppeteers.

  12. Article 2, Section 2 US Constitution : ” The president shall be Commander in Chief”,
    ” when called into actual service”.
    ( Notice it doesn’t say ” upon assuming duties of his office”, or ” upon taking the oath of office”.
    Article 1, Section 1 ( duties of Congress).
    “To declare war”. Upon a declaration, the president then enters ” actual service as CINC.
    Congress has abdicated its constitutional role , as the voice of the states and its people , as the sole arbiter of deciding when major war powers are to be allowed to come under control of the presidents involved.
    Yes, we all know that in case of immediate attack preventing Congressional debates and vote, such as a nuclear launch, or very small scale operations such as drone attacks, Special Ops, or rescue missions , declaration of war isn’t feasible.
    However , these major invasions of other nations MUST require the full involvement of the peoples voices to be constitutional and have the full backing of the nation.

  13. It’s worth remembering that the sobbing empty suit seeking our sympathy for his fuck-up — the guy who promised that the killers will pay — argued AGAINST the mission to take out the guy who killed over 3,000 Americans, namely Osama bin Laden.

    He promises, “we will not forget” but can’t even remember the name of his Secretary of Defense.

    This guy is nothing but BS, and these days he’s essentially incapable of constructing BS that is even coherent, much less believable.

    • I’ll wager there will be a full court press on the part of the Dems and press to create another discombobulation just prior to, and during ,
      next years mid terms , in order to maintain power.

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  15. I’ll wager there will be a full court press on the part of the Dems and press to create another discombobulation just prior to, and during ,
    next years mid terms , in order to maintain power.

  16. Stephen Pinker, the Liberal Harvard professor of psychology, in his book “The Better Angels of our Nature: why violence has declined”, does a very nice job of documenting the uber-violence associated with tribal societies and the declines in violence associated with colonialism followed by organized statehood. This still applies to us today: friends at the FBI have told me that some Indian reservations are so violent that FBI agents have had to be treated for PTSD following their assignments there. We also saw this in the violence and degradation associated with hippy communities back in the 1970s. Sadly, most people prefer to believe in Hollywood fabrications of life in tribal societies.

  17. Is it not clear that Hamad Karzai Airport was chosen to evacuate the foreign service people at the embassy, and no one else? Some animals are more equal than others.

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