Biden makes Baghdad Bob look good

A certain Iraqi official holding the post of (Dis)Information Minister made a name for himself in the second Iraq war against the west. That was the one where Saddam Hussein wound up hiding in a spider hole and the people of Iraq were finally freed of his tyranny.

It doesn’t matter what his real name was. He came to be called “Baghdad Bob.” As the western allies descended on Baghdad, Bob held frequent press conferences laden with colorful, comical but incorrect contentions:

“Our initial assessment is that [the allies] will all die.” That assessment proved inaccurate, to put it mildly.

“God will roast their stomachs in hell at the hands of Iraqis.” Ditto.

“They’re not even [within] 100 miles [of Baghdad]. They are not in any place. They hold no place in Iraq.” At the time, the allies were in the Baghdad suburbs preparing to enter downtown.

“They fled. The American louts fled.” In fairness to Bob, the Americans later did flee, but it took the election of Barack Hussein Obama for that to happen. Then the Americans un-fled. After Obama’s ill-advised withdrawal, the Americans returned to establish relative peace again.

“They tried to bring a small number of tanks and personnel carriers in through al-Durah but they were surrounded and most of the infidels had their throats cut.” Well, no, that didn’t happen.

“We’re giving them a real lesson today. ‘Heavy’ doesn’t accurately describe the level of casualties we have inflicted.” His second sentence was true.

“I am here now to tell you, we do not have any scud missiles and I don’t know why they were fired into Kuwait.”

“The cruise missiles do not frighten anyone.”

“These cowards have no morals. They have no shame about lying.”

And then there’s Baghdad Biden on Afghanistan:

“Nobody’s being killed.”

Ah, but they were and are. Amnesty International reported “Six of the men were shot and three were tortured to death, including one man who was strangled with his own scarf and had his arm muscles sliced off. The brutal killings likely represent a tiny fraction of the total death toll inflicted by the Taliban to date.”

Biden may have missed the clip of Afghans clinging to American jets and then falling hundreds of feet as the jets took off. Did he suppose those people weren’t killed?

But he had a snappy response to that tragedy: “That happened four days, five days ago.” It in fact had happened only two days before he said that but, in any event, what’s his point? That four or five days ago is ancient history?

Biden assured us that the Taliban are “cooperating, letting American citizens get out, American personnel get out, embassies get out, et cetera.”

If only that were true. The State Department today warned Americans in Kabul not to even attempt to get to the airport.

I have no quarrel with Biden’s “et cetera.” To the extent he bothers with replies to reporters’ questions maybe he should omit everything except “et cetera.”

He said al Qaeda is “gone” from Afghanistan. Just hours later, the Pentagon said that’s not so.  

When directly asked whether his military advisors recommended keeping 2,500 troops in Afghanistan to conduct an orderly withdrawal, Biden answered “No. No one said that to me that I can recall.”

That he “can recall”? He’s leaving open the possibility that he was told that, but then forgot? His awkward hedge is obviously to avoid directly contradicting the numerous high-ranking military advisors who have reported that they told Biden precisely that.

Biden said “I have seen no question of our credibility from our allies around the world.” But the UK Parliament had already called Biden “asleep at the wheel,” “shameful” and “catastrophic” while the German Chancellor Angela Merkel called the outcome in Afghanistan “bitter, dramatic and terrifying.”

I liked Baghdad Bob better that Baghdad Biden. Bob was funnier, was less dangerous to the world, and spoke better English. 

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18 thoughts on “Biden makes Baghdad Bob look good

  1. Lets not forget that Bagbad woman featured on the media of the time screaming and yelling as cruise missiles flew over, about how horrible the US was. Turned out she was a high level Sadam toadie.

  2. This is now bad enough that some knives are coming out in the mainstream press. Next step is the 25 amendment to install giggles Kamala. The midterms can’t get here quick enough.

  3. Biden’s press conference showed him as delusional and/or deliberately dishonest. I think “and” is the right choice.

    • Somebody else mentioned that the dems cannot afford to have Biden go away because if Knees became president, she would have to give up her role as the tie breaking vote in the senate. At that point the entire dem agenda comes to a screeching halt as McConnell can block everything. . .

      No, wait, I forgot about Mittens, et. al.

  4. Do you think the people who voted for him realize what an incredible blunder has been made? I think people figured he would “do no harm” while they teed up a more suitable candidate in 2024. This has been a fustercluck from the beginning and the first year isn’t even over.

  5. What Moses never said:
    “Despite that unfortunate business last night involving a fly-over by The Angel of Death, we have been in steady negotiations with Egyptian authorities, who assure us that they will help us make an orderly, safe departure from Egypt.”

    What Churchill never said:
    “Our intelligence agencies simply did not, could not possibly anticipate 330,000 troops winding up on a beach at Dunkirk, but we’re in steady negotiations with German authorities to resolve the matter.”

    What Biden will say next:
    “The reason for the chaotic logjam at Karzai Airport is that our people are arriving without having their proof-of-vaccination papers in order, and most of them are not wearing masks. C’mon people, follow the Science!”

  6. But, 80,000,000 Americans “voted” for him! Most popular president evaah! Totally honest election, most transparent evaaah! Not a hint of fraud, nope, not a hint, I tell ya! Thank God we have such a steady hand on the tiller of state, such a sooper genius in the field of international relations! And a man looked up to by every other head of state on the face of the globe! Don’t believe me–just ask Joe. He’ll tell ya!

  7. Come on man, give the poor guy a break. He’s 79 years old, and he’s working 24/7 trying to solve the most serious problems facing the US and indeed the whole world: white supremacy and climate change. Joe and his generals can’t be expected to recruit and promote transgenders, women, and people of color to the military, put solar panels and wind generators on our tanks, planes, and aircraft carriers, AND solve the problems in Afghanistan – I mean they have only had 20 years – be reasonable. I’m sure that when Joe sends his negotiating team of Kamala, Jill, Nancy, and AOC over to cut a deal with the Taliban, that not only will the Americans still there be allowed to go home, but they will almost certainly announce that the future government of Afghanistan will be inclusive and work to be carbon neutral by 2025.


  9. At this point, I am most impressed by the sheer scale and number of lies coming forth from these people, whose work product puts me in mind of conditions generated by hysterical females on a rampage. Ancients termed such agents Ogresses and, in India, Rakshasas. The President was right observing that everything they do turns to s—. Their whole being presents as bent on desecration of what is good and proper.

    The Wuhan Virus s—show is another instance of this phenomenon, this unrestrained lying, this abandonment of facts. In that regard I came across this today, although it dates from FEB-MAR this year, from America’s Frontline Doctors:

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