Joe Biden’s puppet strings are being pulled by …

No, it’s not the Kremlin. In fact, it’s not any foreign power. Any communications between the president and a foreign power would include people from the National Security Agency and other intelligence types. (I use the word “intelligence” loosely in connection with these buffoons.)

You might counter that Biden could be receiving his foreign instructions indirectly through someone with whom he has a private channel. Like his criminal, perverted, child-support-evading, lap-top-losing, drug-addicted son.

C’mon, man. Hunter would of course do anything for a foreign government or anyone else in exchange for some blow, and he could get The Big Guy to follow along by merely offering the usual 10% cut, but even today’s not-so-intelligence agencies know to monitor Hunter’s calls to foreigners.

It’s not George Soros, either. The right portrays Soros almost as cartoon-like as the left portrayed the Koch brothers (who both live for eternity in leftist minds even though one has died). Soros’ fingerprints are seen on everything from abortion by infanticide to Black Lives Matter (More) to transgenders in girls’ bathrooms. It’s true that Soros does get around, much more than the Kochs ever did. But I doubt he got around to Afghanistan policy.


BWAHAHAHAHA!!! After her public relations catastrophes with the “border” (again, I use a word loosely), the White House politicos put her in that basement where Joe spent his presidential campaign, and we’ve scarcely seen her since. Now they’re sending her off to Vietnam just to get her even further away from the American public.

The choice of Vietnam is eerily symbolic of what’s now happening in Afghanistan, but that’s a different column.

Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer?

Nah. They aren’t out to destroy America. They just want to enrich themselves and aggrandize their grandness. Shoe has transformed himself from a Democrat into a hard leftist, not because he believes in hard leftism – he doesn’t really believe in anything – but because he wants to stay to the left of AOC who keeps threatening to take away his senate seat. Give him credit, it’s not easy to stay to the left of AOC. As for Pelosi, she/he/they/it is just a mean old bat.


I appreciate that some of my own well-meaning tribe see Lucifer in all this, in a very literal sense. But I don’t. I’m no theologian, but when Beelzebub takes a worldly vacay, I suspect he appears as something like Hitler (I mean the Hitler Hitler, not the Trump Hitler) or perhaps Alec Baldwin. I don’t see the Prince of Darkness lowering himself to the level of a senile, stumbling, bumbling, small-time, crooked, teeth-capped, hair-plugged, little girl-fondling joke of a so-called man. (I’m no longer using my words loosely.)

Sinister. Think Sinister. That’s Satan, not Biden.  

The Squad? No, they overplayed their hand on defunding the police, and now even the Democrats have disclaimed them (except aforementioned Chuck Schumer who is terrified that one will run against him in a primary challenge).

“Doctor” Jill? BWAHAHAHAHA!!!

It’s none of those. It’s … [drum roll] … Barack Obama. He’s the one guy with both motive and opportunity.

As for motive, recall that Obama was once asked about American exceptionalism. He answered, “I believe in American exceptionalism, just as I suspect that the Brits believe in British exceptionalism and the Greeks believe in Greek exceptionalism.” He might have added, “and the Taliban believe in Taliban exceptionalism.”

In other words, he thinks America exceptionalism is unexceptional.

Obama is the guy who promised a “fundamental transformation” in non-exceptional America. To some extent, he tried to effect one, but was limited by a citizenry that was not far enough left, and by his own cowardliness in needing everyone in the immediate vicinity to like him.  

Now, Obama’s hands are untied. The country has drifted far enough left to tolerate – and in the case of many people, to celebrate – humiliating defeat. As for Obama’s need for affection, he can still obtain that, as he did in his recent birthday bash, while pulling Biden’s puppet strings secretly from off-stage.

And he does. Obama has not just motive but also opportunity. Biden’s press secretary admitted that Biden speaks with Obama “regularly” and on “a range of issues.” When pressed on how often “regularly” was, the press secretary refused to answer the question. The answer is a number that they don’t want known.

It was Obama who cut and ran in Iraq after Americans won a costly war there. That abandonment produced further bloodshed, and ultimately necessitated a re-introduction of American troops. It was Obama who last spring praised Biden’s impending Afghan sequel to Obama’s disastrous Iraq surrender — sickly timed for the 20th anniversary of 9/11.

A disaster is exactly what they got. Now the cowardly puppeteer is conspicuously silent while the order-following puppet takes the heat. No matter. Obama will give Biden another medal and an attaboy.

I tell you the truth, it’s Obama. This is Obama’s third term, and he’s unleashed. The America-hating president who used to falsely boast of not being born here until he wanted to be president here, is freely and finally destroying America through his stupid, senile subservient. Even Satan couldn’t do it this well.

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49 thoughts on “Joe Biden’s puppet strings are being pulled by …

  1. I think they all have strings. Obama included. We just haven’t figured out who the puppet master really is. He or they keep themselves well hidden. The man behind the curtain requires anonymity to survive. Someone with a lot more money than the Obamas. Keep digging Glenn. I think you might be able to discover who it really is.

    • John Brennan is the (self identified Commumist) who controls the US intelligence apparatuses. Obama is one of his creations. Biden is a useful tool. Would it matter if we cut off the head of the snake? The US intel machine has dirt on EVERYONE! (Remember John Roberts face when the Supreme Court gave Obamacare a pass? It’s the only explanation (blackmail) that makes sense.)

    • John Brennan is the (self identified Commumist) who controls the US intelligence apparatuses. Obama is one of his creations. Biden is a useful tool. Would it matter if we cut off the head of the snake? The US intel machine has dirt on EVERYONE! (Remember John Roberts face when the Supreme Court gave Obamacare a pass? It’s the only explanation (blackmail) that makes sense.)

      • Watch Tucker tonight. Whoever they are, I think they’re about to make the switch. They brought Biden out in front of the public again today, but this time they allowed questions from a chosen set of reporters. So this time Biden answers with blatant lies about what is going on in Afghanistan. In the next scene, CNN now reports that Biden has a problem!
        I can’t wait to see what comes in the next act.

  2. You say Barry. I say The Squad. Or perhaps a combination but certainly not Barry al alone. I say the squad because Nancy and Chuck are clearly under their sway lest they lose the sinecure. Already AOC is probing the possibilities of running against Chuck. In the old days the Dems would have made her district disappear, but no more. The power is shifting. Ilhan Omar is a well documented liar and law breaker, but for nothing. She cannot lose given the strength of her constituency. And so on. The Squad makes no secret of their desire (and successes) in turning American into a loser. Act One has just finished. Act Two will soon enter stage right.

  3. But the Squad has no more influence over Joe than the Keystone Cops. They’re an embarrassiment to the Dems. The most recent example of their powerlessness was when the Dems declared they’re no longer in favor of defunding the police (and, laughably, never were)

    • Jen “Big Red” Psaki actually claimed that the Republicans wanted to defund the police because they rejected his hyper-inflationary budget bill.

  4. I agree with you completely. Biden’s policies now were the ones that Obama craved to enact (particularly the open border) but was constrained by practicalities (it was not popular) and a GOP congress (2010) followed by a GOP Senate (2014)

  5. Why not be a bit more balanced… and credit Obama with being gentle with stray cats and dogs.

    This disaster in Afghanistan will, unfortunately, be followed by a surrender to the Iranian mullahs and their minions. And, at some point, Israel will attack with a surgical conventional weapons strike on all of the known and ‘unknown’ secret research and development sites (including ICMB sites, nuclear trigger research strikes and the centrifuge sites used to enrich U238 to nuclear-grade bomb purifications.

    David Kdish

  6. For most things, if not Obama personally, at least his clique is pulling the strings. On the timing and nature of the Afghanistan withdrawal, it’s possible that this is a case of Joe actually making the decisions. In the past, he has argued in favor of abandoning allied people in both Vietnam and Iraq, and he seems to think this will all blow over without any long-term damage to himself and his legacy. In fact, he seems to think this lack of planning will cement his legacy in a positive direction.

    • I think you are right – it is the much more likely to be the clique pulling Obama’s stings than Obama himself. Obama is much too lazy to pulling strings. Look at his history: he was a drug addled C student, was affirmatively actioned into all his university degrees and “professorships”, didn’t write his own books that are his claim to fame, was machine politicked into all his elected positions, and as President was too lazy to even meet with and work with members of his own party and left office with the Democrats in their weakest position since the 1920s. The only skill the man has is the ability to read words written by someone else from a teleprompter.

  7. Glad you woke up, Glenn. A whole bunch of us figured that out before Joe swore to preserve, protect and defend the US Constitution.

    I see you still think Obama’s a legit American. Not to worry. The day you awaken on that one, I’ll be there with nanny nanny and boo boo.

    • Well, you needn’t mock him w/ nanny nanny boo boo. He’ll be embarrassed enough when he realizes the entire Obama legend is a horrific lie.

    • I was going to say the same thing, except I’m not up on his citizenship. When that guy stood in front of the country and said he was going to change it fundamentally, I knew he was a communist. Then I found out later he had a communist mentor and I’m not sure about his daddy. People on FOX, mostly Tucker, have finally started mentioning Soros, but I’m waiting for them to talk about the biggest head on the two headed snake. Obama is the one that charms the fools, Soros is the one that supports it all financially.

  8. When Obama posted his birth certificate online, I was on it that day. I downloaded the file into Photoshop .The file had not been “flattened”, meaning it was still in layers. It was in layers because it had been altered. It was reposted in a flattened file soon after. I saw all the layers and all the changes. It was a sloppy job so I think whoever posted it, did so on purpose to expose the fact that the Hawaii certificate was not legit. I believe that Obama is a player for sure, but who is behind him is up for grabs……He’s sold out, and he is owned by much scarier entities. Just an instinctive gut feel, which is worth 0.

    • I have a friend who was born in Hawaii within a month of what OBombya claims. The certificates are like night & day. NOT at all similar. Not in color, format or wording. NOTHING. If the white house intended to PROVE that he was born in Hawaii it was and is an abject fail. I can’t say where this fool was born but this birth cert proves he WAS NOT born in Hawaii.

      • Some should post those docks side by side. I thought Barry’s looked too modern. Not quite as stupidly modern as Dan Blather’s Bush’s national guard papers, but…

    • I always thought it was phony as it looked too new like from modern computers versus old typewriters. But interestingly, rumor has it the person who came up with the forgery died soon afterwards. I forget how.

  9. Biden doesn’t need someone to pull his strings to have been this incompetent with regards to Afghanistan. There’s no diabolic manipulation going on here. Biden’s never been particularly bright, but he clearly is out of his league now. I think of his response to the polite, young woman who asked him an entirely benign question about his poor results in the Iowa caucus and he called her, “a lying dog-faced pony soldier,” a response on the part of a politician so bizarre that it made my jaw drop. If you asked him to count backwards from 100 by 7, he’d fail that test. (That’s a standard medical competency test.)

    • He finished near the bottom of his class when he was in his prime. Where do you think that puts him now as he steps into senility?

  10. I told you so! But he could be mistaken for Satan also. All this destruction is being done by that one man, with help from his minions. He hates us and he’s getting revenged. I would think there could be some legal way of dealing with this, if only we had some courageous and intelligent people with a little bit of power, or influence.

  11. One possibility is that Biden’s strings end in Obama’s fingers, as our gracious host has quite reasonably suggested. Of course, I have always felt that Obama himself has strings attached, and was merely the willing puppet of others who had plans to diminish the power and position of the USA, so as to increase the power of their globalist cabal. (I have posited the theory that Obama was always the consummate conman, more interested in lining his own pockets than in governing, a theory more than supported by his post-presidency actions.) It could be strings all the way down (or more properly, up), with every level of controllers themselves being controlled until the hands of the actual puppet master are revealed. In case you were wondering who that might be, please allow me to introduce himself, he’s a man of wealth and taste. He’s been around for long, long years, stole many a man’s soul and faith. He was ’round when Jesus Christ had his moment of doubt and pain, made damn sure that Pilate washed his hands and sealed His fate.
    He’s pleased to meet you,
    Hope you guessed his name.
    But what’s puzzling you
    Is the nature of his game.
    Puzzle no longer.

  12. If there are others more powerful over Obama that would be a good thing. Part of the problem with getting the indoctrinated to wake up is their adoration of Obama. They just shut down if you accuse him of anything.
    Who are the others besides Soros and Gates?
    We need to fight this, not just talk about it.

  13. What if there was empirical, mathematical, evidence Obama is evil equal to Adolf Hitler?

    The question is much like asking if Jeremiah or Ezekiel walked up to you on the sidewalk would you recognize them? The answer is ‘no’ and the reason why the God of Sinai, Yeshua and 1776 wrote a message across the tablet of time in the “language of God” mathematics incapable of deceit.

  14. Great wit, great prose, Glenn. I cackled like Kamala throughout. Two things:

    First, I agree that Satan wouldn’t be caught dead anywhere near the degraded protoplasm of Joseph Biden. Being pure Spirit, in Paradise Lost he could barely bring himself to enter the body of the Serpent, whose glistening scales and sexy, sleek serpentine muscularity made it a fitting platform for the charm which Satan brought to it. I mean, demons have their standards! Whereas Eve found the Serpent rather, shall we say, “interesting,” little girls cringe at the hair-sniffer breathing down their necks. No, there’s no hint of sulfur there — just that creepy old man smell.

    Second, although his long-form birth certificate was as phony as my vaccination passport, I also think Obama was born in Hawaii. But what we’re forgetting about is his Indonesian citizenship, having lived in Jakarta for four years as Barry Soetoro. I’ll bet the farm that he got big-time scholarship aid from Occidental, Columbia, and Harvard as a “foreign” student, which is also a tad dishonest in my opinion, not to say awkward for a Presidential candidate.

    • I agree about the probably foreign student status as Barry Soetoro.

      On his birth, I incline towards the sleuthing done by Jack Cashill, who thinks that the real father was a married black man in Seattle, that Barry was born there, and Obama Sr., being a needy foreign student of the right color to account for Barry, was probably paid to allow paternity to be claimed. The mother was in Hawaii for only a short time and returned to school in Seattle with the baby before returning to Hawaii and attending the university there. Either way, Hawaii or Washington, he’s a born American. I would say that his paternity is not his fault, except that he’s such a faker on all counts that I’m guessing he knows the real story and prefers the cachet of the Kenyan father to a more pedestrian story. The idea that the putative father, even if he was really the bio dad, would have taken the mother to Kenya for the birth was always ridiculous.

      • Speaking of Jack Cashill, it was his persistent research into what happened to TWA Flight 800 that first aroused my suspicion that the FBI was the corrupt Deep State operator that it has so obviously been during the Trump years. The Puppeteer that controls Biden also controls our evolving police state.

  15. Obama is one narcissistic pathologically clever lying grifter, but he alone is not the planner of America’s destruction and his attachment to Biden, is only to ensure the demented one stays on track. Biden is part of the cool kids’ crowd and went along willingly albeit, these days, the man doesn’t even know he’s on planet earth, but I digress. Take a long hard look at the leadership of the UN and those whom Obama surrounded himself with before becoming a senator and how the man grew up. He may be the mouth piece to nudge Biden along, but he is no thinking man and does not work alone in manipulating Biden.
    As for his Hawaiian birth, does hell go with no? Why did he apply for and receive a scholarship as a foreign student? Why does his author introduction state he was Kenyan born? Why does his social security number track back to a dead man in CT? Why did his grandmother tell the world he was born in Kenya, as she pointed right over there in that little hut? That little faux birth certificate was nothing but another of his con jobs. Phony! Nope, if it smells like a turd…. Soros is near.
    As for Satan not lowering himself to Biden’s feeble mental and physicality, Biden is the perfect cover. The great deceiver has many tricks and far too many people believe what they see. Uncle Joe vs Orange Man Bad. But, that’s an entirely different conversation.
    Just sayin’

  16. Obama isn’t smart enough or energetic enough to be pulling strings. His whole life has been affirmative action propelling him along with minimal effort on his part. No, I think the answer is the swamp – the permanent, unelected, can’t be fired Federal bureaucracy, which is 99% Democrat and 99% indoctrinated in Leftist schools that have been teaching hatred of America, Democracy, Capitalism, the Constitution, Western (white) culture since the 1960s (especially at the elite schools). They don’t care about America or Americans, all they care about is their own personal power, budgets, and prestige. The military (and its contractors), the “intelligence” services, and the “humanitarian” agency members of the swamp got a lot of money, power, and influence from keeping the Afghanistan conflict going, and they certainly aren’t going to cooperate with a Democrat or Republican president who wanted to shut down their gravy train without sabotaging the effort in order to inflict maximum pain so they don’t try something like that again.

    The whole Trump presidency was a lesson in the unlimited power of the unelected bureaucracy and their elected allies to subvert, stymie, and impeach an elected threat to their power. No policy can be implemented or enforced, no bureaucrat can be fired, no military of diplomatic support can be withdrawn, no law, regulation or tax can be rescinded without the consent and support of the bureaucracy, and the bureaucracy will only consent to or support any actions that increase their budgets, power, and prestige.

  17. I find something of value in ALL of the comments in this thread. I think we can agree that — whether we chalk it up theologically to Satanic machinations, or simply to self-serving venality spread wide through the corridors of power and wealth — we are staring at Evil (with an upper-case E) that is TRULY “systemic” and tyrannical.

    Now, what to do?

    • You ask, “what to do?”

      Um, we do what all frustrated people do — go bitch on Facebook about it.

      That’s sarcasm. What we really do is to stay engaged. Not just as keyboard warriors, but as voters, activists, petitioners and protestors. We speak up at all forums — local school board meetings, city council and letters to the editor. We donate our time, our money and our support.

      But don’t let your anger poison your words. There’s a place for righteous anger, but it’s a small place. It typically turns people off. Stay focused, keep to the issue, try not to get personal with people who happen to disagree with you. Leave the snarkyness to professionals like me. 🙂

  18. Never forget it was under Obama that our sailors and soldiers were told to stand down. First in Benghazi and then on a ship when Iran captured our sailors. Obama’s fingerprints are all over this Afghan fiasco. He also had a secret email chain going with Hillary that got destroyed. So if past is prologue, he probably has one with feeble Joe. I’ve always felt Obama was a plant by our enemies to take us down thus the bioweapon of covid.

    • Don’t forget he fired up the racism during his term. He came out of that anti American church. He was the perfect mesiah for whoever is trying to do the one world thing. The one world idea that I thought was just a bunch of conspiracy theories until I saw what I’m seeing now.
      All the countries they want are being locked down and forced into obedience with all the restrictions. Also, all of them are packed with illegal immigrants and/or refugees from Muslim countries!
      And now this new fiasco in Afghanistan is going to bring thousands of refugees from Afghanistan to America. I think the other countries shut their doors. They’ve had enough of the violent crime.
      I have a feeling that was is going down there was in the plans. They probably have a list of steps to bring down our country, starting with opening the borders on Biden’s first day.

  19. Everyone seems to be forgetting the army of Marxist America hating bureaucrats who have infiltrated every department national and state level for decades.
    They are pulling innumberable strings regulation wise, even right into court with ridiculous suits against anyone productive, ( even mildly capitalist or freedom loving), and they will still be there after Biden leaves, unless another Trump like prez is elected who has the guts to make a clean sweep firing of them, and then institute some system to prevent such from ever being hired again.

    • Yep. All over the country. Our legal system is a mess. Innocent people will be put in prison. They already have been. If we don’t do something…

  20. “But the mass confusion in the White House points to something else, just as it does in the Church. Biden isn’t really the one making the decisions. Once you accept the fact that the government is being run by a bunch of grown-up hippies from the 1960s, things become very clear.They have no love of America, just as Obama didn’t, and they don’t have any real-world experience, just like Obama didn’t . . . .

    What takes place, how it comes into being . . . none of that really matters. All that matters is that everything that used to be the case must be wiped away . . . .

    That’s it, nothing more. Blow up everything that preceded us, and we’ll make it up as we go along.”

    — Church Militant, “Who’s Really in Charge?”

  21. It is a binary struggle between good vs. evil.

    The powers that be push emotional arguments because they know the sheeple do not understand the certainty of logic.

    5 Why’s – ask why 5 times and generally you will be at the root cause.

    Establish correlation then confirm cause and effect. Control the inputs or become robust to them…make a choice but do something or all is lost.

    Apparently there is a flaw in the Constitution…the premise that the rules will be followed by all…without rules we have anarchy. Biden eats ice cream while Afghanistan burns!

    Why you ask? Because there are more sheeple than Patriots!

  22. Obama is an empty suit, always has been, Soros is calling the shots. Soros is 90 years old, he’s made the statement ” it’s my goal to see the US destroyed before I die”, that is his transfer to torments, he’s short on time and pushing as hard as he can to achieve his objective.

  23. No one can underestimate Joe Biden’s “capacity to f*** things up” ever again, Barack, if they foolishly ever were no matter how hard they try to conceal it. Don’t say you didn’t try to tell them. And with your help pulling the puppet strings, catastrophe is an assured result.

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