Something wicked this way comes – the midterms will be a Democrat apocalypse

It will be a catastrophe of Biblical proportions.  Think fire and brimstone. The Four Horsemen of Joe, Kamala, Nancy and Chuck riding off a cliff. Cats like AOC sleeping with dogs like Bill Clinton (OK, that’s not odd, but it’s sure icky). Locusts. Hillary’s persistent pestilent pantsuits.

The first midterm elections during a presidential term are a test that he/she/they/it usually fails. Democrats do particularly badly, since most Democrat voters are not aware of midterm elections of their House and Senate representatives. Heck, they don’t even know who their representatives are. The Democrats lost 64 House seats in the 2010 midterm when Barack Obama was president and 54 seats in the 1994 midterm when Bill Clinton was president.

That’s bad. Even the outmanned and outplayed Broncos in Superbowl XXIV lost by only 45.

This time, the Dems don’t even have politically competent Obama or Clinton. They instead are headed by a stupid, senile, hair-plugged, incompetent, tongue-tied, foolish President Lite whom Obama warned we should “never underestimate” in his ability to “f*ck things up.”

His son and business partner is a criminal, drug addicted life and laptop loser who videotapes his encounters of the prostitute kind while parlaying dad’s political connections into a lucrative family racket that nets “10% for The Big Guy” according to his own emails that the FBI authenticates but the Democrats at the New York Times, which is everyone at the New York Times, dismiss as “unsubstantiated.”

Think Sodom. Think Gomorrah. Think ugh.

The Dems have not only bleak midterm history and political malpractice by their president going against them. They also have the issues of the day going against them.

Inflation has rocketed to the highest levels since the malaise of Jimmy Carter, a guy who’s looking pretty good right now. We’re assured that these price increases are only temporary and, besides, they’re not so bad unless you use gasoline or eat beef, fish or chicken.

Democrats probably don’t. They drive virtue-signaling electric vehicles that run on rainbows. For food, they eat one another – ask AOC and Joe Manchin.

Frogs. Think frogs. Think a plague of frogs in your bed with the plague.  

For an immigration policy, we administer an IQ test of sorts. If you’re stupid enough to wait in the legal line, you don’t get in. If you’re smart enough to cut the line and come illegally, you do get in. Some 9,000 illegal ones are living under a bridge in Texas at the moment. We let them in, and ask them to appear later for a vetting. If they appear, then we let them stay. If they don’t appear, then we – well, we let them stay.

Whether they stay because they appear for the vetting or they stay because they don’t, Democrats push to get them the right to vote for Democrats and, in the meantime, encourage them to do so whether they have the right or not.

These illegals (I call illegal immigrants “illegals” because I know I’m not supposed to and because they are) are pouring over the so-called border from COVID-plagued banana republics. They are not required to get vaccinations, and about a third don’t.

Although illegals don’t have to get vaccinated, The Big Guy has ordered three million federal employees to get vaccinated (if they refuse to follow his order, I’ll bet the Democrats will call them “illegals”). Maybe they can get an exemption if they go to Mexico and then sneak back home across the border.

The Big Guy deflected attention away from the so-called border with his unconditional surrender to the barbarian terrorists of Afghanistan. Actually, there were indeed conditions – but on us, not them. To induce the barbarians to accept the American surrender, The Big Guy gave them a few hundred American hostages and $100 billion in U.S. military equipment and weapons to conduct their War For Terrorism.

In exchange, The Big Guy negotiated for the barbarians to provide “security” at the remaining civilian airport after we fled our own military air base in the dead of night. That “security” limited the American deaths in Afghanistan to only the most in about a decade. As for the American hostages that are left stranded in Afghanistan, we’re assured that they’re not stranded; they merely can’t get out.

Additional casualties in the airport bombing (can we call the deliberate explosion of the bomb a “bombing”?) included a few hundred formerly friendly and formerly alive Afghans who helped us while naively thinking that The Big Guy would make good on his promise to take them along. The Big Guy said it was all their fault, apparently for believing him.

Annoyed at the interruption to his vacay caused by the inconvenient massacre, The Big Guy ordered a drone strike to obliterate an Afghan family car and the family it contained.

Overall, reported The Big Guy, the surrender mission was a mission accomplished. In fact, he reported, it was “extraordinarily successful.”

If that characterization of “success” makes you wonder what “unsuccessful” would look like, you’ll find out when you watch the performance of the Democrats in the midterms. 

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Biden makes Baghdad Bob look good

A certain Iraqi official holding the post of (Dis)Information Minister made a name for himself in the second Iraq war against the west. That was the one where Saddam Hussein wound up hiding in a spider hole and the people of Iraq were finally freed of his tyranny.

It doesn’t matter what his real name was. He came to be called “Baghdad Bob.” As the western allies descended on Baghdad, Bob held frequent press conferences laden with colorful, comical but incorrect contentions:

“Our initial assessment is that [the allies] will all die.” That assessment proved inaccurate, to put it mildly.

“God will roast their stomachs in hell at the hands of Iraqis.” Ditto. Continue reading

Joe Biden’s puppet strings are being pulled by …

No, it’s not the Kremlin. In fact, it’s not any foreign power. Any communications between the president and a foreign power would include people from the National Security Agency and other intelligence types. (I use the word “intelligence” loosely in connection with these buffoons.)

You might counter that Biden could be receiving his foreign instructions indirectly through someone with whom he has a private channel. Like his criminal, perverted, child-support-evading, lap-top-losing, drug-addicted son.

C’mon, man. Hunter would of course do anything for a foreign government or anyone else in exchange for some blow, and he could get The Big Guy to follow along by merely offering the usual 10% cut, but even today’s not-so-intelligence agencies know to monitor Hunter’s calls to foreigners.

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