Joe Biden’s puppet strings are being pulled by …

No, it’s not the Kremlin. In fact, it’s not any foreign power. Any communications between the president and a foreign power would include people from the National Security Agency and other intelligence types. (I use the word “intelligence” loosely in connection with these buffoons.)

You might counter that Biden could be receiving his foreign instructions indirectly through someone with whom he has a private channel. Like his criminal, perverted, child-support-evading, lap-top-losing, drug-addicted son.

C’mon, man. Hunter would of course do anything for a foreign government or anyone else in exchange for some blow, and he could get The Big Guy to follow along by merely offering the usual 10% cut, but even today’s not-so-intelligence agencies know to monitor Hunter’s calls to foreigners.

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Who Wants a Race War?

A lunatic in Charleston, South Carolina, tried to start a race war a few weeks ago. He entered a black church, sat and watched for an hour as the congregation welcomed him into their worship and then murdered as many as he could. As nine laid dead or dying, he fled like vermin.

The nation was stunned. The police apprehended the killer. The killer confessed. The people of Charleston wept.

The killer’s diary revealed that he had no friends and no allies. He bemoaned the fact that even with the Internet, he could not find anyone — not a single person — to join him.

This lone loser failed to provoke that race war. He didn’t even provoke riots. Not even protests.

What he provoked was love. Strangers of different races held hands and hugged as they sang gospel hymns to honor the dead and embrace the living.

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Lame Duck on the Loose!

Obama“The bear’s on the loose!” That’s what President Barack Obama reportedly likes to say when a herd of Secret Service agents escort him out of the White House.

He pretends that he’s sneaking out but makes a point of telling everyone. They, in turn, are instructed to relay this “news” to the fawning White House press reporters.

It’s supposed to be great theater. Think of Yogi the Bear, but skinny with big ears and mom jeans.

But Bear-ack Obama and his keepers don’t lumber off to Jellystone Park. Instead, they typically helicopter to the first tee, where he’s been sighted 208 times since becoming president. The closest this bear gets to the woods is the rough, where he and his pack of Secret Service agents are often seen foraging for his lost balls. (His proficiency at golf is apparently uncorrelated to his practice at it.)

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Is Obama a Manchurian?


I don’t think Barack Obama was born in Kenya.

Yes, his father was born in Kenya, and his brother was born in Kenya. But that doesn’t mean he himself was born in Kenya.

And yes, for 16 years he allowed his literary agent to circulate a one-paragraph bio stating that he was born in Kenya, which was revised numerous times over the years while continuing to state that he was born in Kenya. But I’m inclined to think he did that because it seemed cool and a way to sell books and not because it was true.

And yes, he refuses to release his college transcripts, as other presidents and candidates have done. But I’m guessing that’s because they show poor grades and not because they state he was a foreign student.

And yes, for many years he attended a church where the pastor sometimes exclaimed, “God damn America!” but I think he was just trying to fit in.

No, I don’t think he’s Kenyan.

But I wonder whether he’s Manchurian.

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