Something wicked this way comes – the midterms will be a Democrat apocalypse

It will be a catastrophe of Biblical proportions.  Think fire and brimstone. The Four Horsemen of Joe, Kamala, Nancy and Chuck riding off a cliff. Cats like AOC sleeping with dogs like Bill Clinton (OK, that’s not odd, but it’s sure icky). Locusts. Hillary’s persistent pestilent pantsuits.

The first midterm elections during a presidential term are a test that he/she/they/it usually fails. Democrats do particularly badly, since most Democrat voters are not aware of midterm elections of their House and Senate representatives. Heck, they don’t even know who their representatives are. The Democrats lost 64 House seats in the 2010 midterm when Barack Obama was president and 54 seats in the 1994 midterm when Bill Clinton was president.

That’s bad. Even the outmanned and outplayed Broncos in Superbowl XXIV lost by only 45.

This time, the Dems don’t even have politically competent Obama or Clinton. They instead are headed by a stupid, senile, hair-plugged, incompetent, tongue-tied, foolish President Lite whom Obama warned we should “never underestimate” in his ability to “f*ck things up.”

His son and business partner is a criminal, drug addicted life and laptop loser who videotapes his encounters of the prostitute kind while parlaying dad’s political connections into a lucrative family racket that nets “10% for The Big Guy” according to his own emails that the FBI authenticates but the Democrats at the New York Times, which is everyone at the New York Times, dismiss as “unsubstantiated.”

Think Sodom. Think Gomorrah. Think ugh.

The Dems have not only bleak midterm history and political malpractice by their president going against them. They also have the issues of the day going against them.

Inflation has rocketed to the highest levels since the malaise of Jimmy Carter, a guy who’s looking pretty good right now. We’re assured that these price increases are only temporary and, besides, they’re not so bad unless you use gasoline or eat beef, fish or chicken.

Democrats probably don’t. They drive virtue-signaling electric vehicles that run on rainbows. For food, they eat one another – ask AOC and Joe Manchin.

Frogs. Think frogs. Think a plague of frogs in your bed with the plague.  

For an immigration policy, we administer an IQ test of sorts. If you’re stupid enough to wait in the legal line, you don’t get in. If you’re smart enough to cut the line and come illegally, you do get in. Some 9,000 illegal ones are living under a bridge in Texas at the moment. We let them in, and ask them to appear later for a vetting. If they appear, then we let them stay. If they don’t appear, then we – well, we let them stay.

Whether they stay because they appear for the vetting or they stay because they don’t, Democrats push to get them the right to vote for Democrats and, in the meantime, encourage them to do so whether they have the right or not.

These illegals (I call illegal immigrants “illegals” because I know I’m not supposed to and because they are) are pouring over the so-called border from COVID-plagued banana republics. They are not required to get vaccinations, and about a third don’t.

Although illegals don’t have to get vaccinated, The Big Guy has ordered three million federal employees to get vaccinated (if they refuse to follow his order, I’ll bet the Democrats will call them “illegals”). Maybe they can get an exemption if they go to Mexico and then sneak back home across the border.

The Big Guy deflected attention away from the so-called border with his unconditional surrender to the barbarian terrorists of Afghanistan. Actually, there were indeed conditions – but on us, not them. To induce the barbarians to accept the American surrender, The Big Guy gave them a few hundred American hostages and $100 billion in U.S. military equipment and weapons to conduct their War For Terrorism.

In exchange, The Big Guy negotiated for the barbarians to provide “security” at the remaining civilian airport after we fled our own military air base in the dead of night. That “security” limited the American deaths in Afghanistan to only the most in about a decade. As for the American hostages that are left stranded in Afghanistan, we’re assured that they’re not stranded; they merely can’t get out.

Additional casualties in the airport bombing (can we call the deliberate explosion of the bomb a “bombing”?) included a few hundred formerly friendly and formerly alive Afghans who helped us while naively thinking that The Big Guy would make good on his promise to take them along. The Big Guy said it was all their fault, apparently for believing him.

Annoyed at the interruption to his vacay caused by the inconvenient massacre, The Big Guy ordered a drone strike to obliterate an Afghan family car and the family it contained.

Overall, reported The Big Guy, the surrender mission was a mission accomplished. In fact, he reported, it was “extraordinarily successful.”

If that characterization of “success” makes you wonder what “unsuccessful” would look like, you’ll find out when you watch the performance of the Democrats in the midterms. 

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24 thoughts on “Something wicked this way comes – the midterms will be a Democrat apocalypse

  1. All that said, and I completely agree, we still have election fraud…..even in California right under our noses, and I’m not seeing any big headlines about it. They don’t have to even cover their sins. Makes no difference if you can pull off fraud as easily as in the past.

  2. I pray you’re right on this – and my own gut tells me the same thing – BUT, never underestimate Barky the Indonesian Dog Eater and his brain VJ propensity to steal an election with the active complicity many RINOs and Soros’ bank-roll.

    • Speaking of mail in ballots, I read somewhere this week that people (maybe in California) are going to be allowed to print ballots from their computers and mail those in. Reckon that really will be allowed? If multiple time voting cannot be far behind.

      • Too many stories of California conservatives, including a Newsmax reporter who had to vote provisional because his universal mail in had already been cast.

      • “I read somewhere this week . . .” Now THAT”S what I call fact-checked information.

  3. Unfortunately too many people in this country, if they’re paying attention at all, get their news from the MSM which either distorts or ignores any news that makes the Dems and their leaders look bad. Ask your left leaning friends/colleagues/loved ones about the border, for example. I’ve done so and I get answers like “what crisis”? I hope you’re right Glenn, but . . .

  4. I hope your prognostication is accurate (although I have little faith that the Republican party will do much more than merely slow our descent into socialist/communist/woke-atopia). However, as others have pointed out, you assume that the voting public pays attention to what’s going on, which is to be distinguished from absorbing what the typical media outlets are shoveling out. I have on occasion intentionally watched the so-called “news” programs on TV and can state unequivocally that those programs are nothing more than democrat party propaganda. In addition, the “commentators” and “analysts” are worse by an order of magnitude. It’s democrat propaganda on steroids. If one were to believe what they are purveying one would assume that Donald Trump was “literally Hitler,” and all those who voted for him (more or less half the country) are Nazi/White Supremacist/homophobic “H8TERS” who should be rounded up, imprisoned, their property confiscated and children taken away. It is undoubtedly the case that the chasm that separates traditional America from what is soon to be the “normal” citizen, wide at present, will become unbridgeable in the near future, once the immigrant wave has crashed over our heads and become ensconced in the voting populace. Nonetheless, I shall soldier on as long as God keeps me on this mortal plane, fearing for the worst but hoping for the best. And keeping my powder dry.

  5. I pray that you are right, Glenn. You will be if the elections are honest but I fear that they won’t be. The left has had a taste of ultimate power and they live to rule. It’s their raison d’etre. I am afraid that they will never give it up and will do anything legal or illegal to retain that power.

  6. Fact Check: As of 10/1, more than 7 weeks before the Federal Employee mandate goes into effect The USA will be requiring all applicants for permanent residence to show proof of COVID-19 vaccination along with proof of all other vaccinations that are already required. This mandate includes the 9000 people being shaded by that bridge in Texas. Those people are mostly from the poorest country in the western hemisphere. They are not likely to insist on their right to infect their friends and neighbors. Hunger tends to change one’s priorities in that regard.These people recently experienced a violent government transition followed by several natural disasters. I guess they looked at the Statue of Liberty, read “Give me your . . .” and got confused about what that meant. I’m sure Glenn’s 1/2 million fans can straighten them out. Or, maybe we fat and happy Americans are confused about the meaning of those words. More likely though, we understand the meaning full well, but just don’t care, so long as we can stay fat and happy.

    Still, I think Glenn’s prediction for the midterms is probably in the ballpark. I’m not sure why a preference for pants suits is bad, but Bill and AOC, that IS kind of funny. (and icky) But then, Bill doesn’t need AOC to be icky. He manages that quite well all by himself.

    • I never cease to be amazed at people who profess the belief that a poem by Emma Lazarus, written on the base of a statue given to us by a foreign country somehow has become part of the Constitution and American immigration law, and therefore requires American citizens to piss away their citizenship and allow anyone born anywhere on the face of the globe to enter and obtain immediate equality with those born here, especially those whose ancestors were born here. If anyone can become an “American” simply be showing up and demanding entrance, it reduces the entire concept of “citizenship” to a farcical nullity. I would be interested to know how many of the new arrivals you will be taking in to your home and supporting financially. One or two can’t possibly be a strain on you, since you have described yourself as “fat and happy.” Or is your altruism merely of the symbolic kind, such that you demand that others take in these strangers while you remain personally aloof? And do you actually believe that most of those who have illegally crossed our border will obey the law and get vaccinated? Are you so naïve to think that they will do anything other than disappear at the earliest opportunity into the interior at the earliest opportunity and become another member of the underclass? If you think they have the slightest inclination to follow legal channels to obtain permanent resident status, I have some beachfront land in South Dakota to sell you. Please check the statistics on that before you tell me that they will become our next generation of doctors, lawyers and scientists. And as one of Glenn’s half-million fans, I am more than happy to straighten you out. You’re welcome.

      • Right on, Steve. Emma Lazarus was a Jewish activist lobbying for hopeful Russian Jewish immigrants (many of whom proved to be Stalinist sympathizers and eventual Communist agents). How her poem wound up on the base of the Statue of Liberty, I have no idea — New York pinkos, I guess.

      • Per, the American Committee for the Statue of Liberty was raising funds to build the base for the statue. They recruited Lazarus to write a poem to be auctioned off as part of the fundraising efforts. The poem was then added to the base 17 years after it was dedicated October 28, 1886.

    • I think your “Fact Check” is mistaken or at least misleading. The new rule (enacted after this piece was written) states that “people applying to become a permanent resident” will be required to be vaccinated.

      There’s an exception for those who object on religious grounds but, more importantly, the flood of migrants across the border is not people “applying to become a permanent resident.” They’re not applying for anything at all. They’re just coming here, utterly undocumented. They’ll show up for that vaccination date about as surely as they’ll show up for their processing hearing — not at all.

  7. What I understand about eschatology can be carried in a thimble, Glenn, but you appear to be thinking as much about the ten plagues of Egypt as about the Apocalypse, which is “something wicked that this way already came,” in 2020, when the first four seals of “the book” were opened:

    First came forth the pale green horse out of Wuhan, which rapidly infected our minds more than our actual physical well-being;

    Then rode out the red horse of George Floyd, setting fires in every city and a lot of churches, and toppling statues of all of the great warriors of our past;

    Thereafter arrived the pale (and frail) horse of the Anti-Trump, flying the banner of “Decency,” Science, and America’s return to normalcy — soon to release the wild beasts across our southern border and from Afghanistan, to end once and for all the last remnant of Anglo-America;

    And finally came the food merchant on the black horse of famine, carrying the scales by which to measure this year’s food and fuel prices against last year’s.

    As for now, the way I see it, we are already in the midst of The Great Tribulation, casting about for the means of surviving it. Like most of your readers, I’m not brimming with hopefulness.

    There’s supposed to be a Final Judgment, right? Alas, I don’t expect it in November ‘22.

  8. I’m very sorry to not not just agree but you live in Colorado and I live in California, THEY count the votes. Your postmortem of 2020 did not recognize shenanigans that are now coming to the surface and seem to have little effect on the Left who are doubling down on Fake Fraud that I’m convinced is real and nothing can change my mind. We have nearly 2 full generations of children who have been through our Progressive Educations system that as adults think the Nation is a horrid place filled with racists and no opportunity and are cheering removal of Statues and Monuments they have no real knowledge of. I just read and shared a column of a conservative math teacher who worked at a private academy for 25 years who was the adviser to the Campus Conservative Club. It took a year but they forced her out and they appointed a Leftist to replace her at the Conservative Club. How much has gone on across the Country? Do you think y’all can pull Colorado from the brink? I wish I had your optimism but I see who counts the votes and THAT matters. Yea, sure, Biden got more votes than Obama……..nothing to see here, move along. Like Trump says, we will have to see what happens but if we do not sweep the mid-terms and effect Vote Integrity the Republic is over especially if Pelosi gets her voting Bill passed.

  9. Everything you say is true but over half the country (those who get their news from the corrupt corporate media) have never heard any of those things.

  10. I am sure that the newly arrived Haitians will know how to vote in the midterms.
    Bagram AFB was abandoned so that our esteemed Embassy personnel, more valuable than the rest of the Americans, could be safely hustled out. Screw the rest. We wouldn’t want them to travel 40 miles of bad road to Bagram.

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