Lock her up – Hillary is going down

A Hillary Clinton lawyer has been indicted for lying to the FBI in the Clinton campaign’s 2016 smear of Donald Trump.

The lawyer fed bogus information to the FBI to fuel the false allegation that Trump was colluding with Russia. The lawyer lied to the FBI by stating that he was acting purely as a private citizen, while his own firm’s billing records prove he was actually working for Hillary’s campaign.

As the current occupant of the office for which Hillary was campaigning might say in a rare lucid moment, “This is a big f*cking deal.”

Recall that the Trump-Russia collusion allegation ultimately proved baseless. A two-year, $32 million investigation by Robert Mueller and his staff of 19 Democrat partisan lawyers together with 40 FBI agents interviewed 500 witness and reviewed thousands of documents, but came up empty. They found no evidence of Russian collusion. But they did succeed in casting a cloud over the Trump administration and gifted a ratings bonanza to CNN whose viewers still remember CNN’s breathless nightly reports of the investigation, courtesy of leaks from Mueller’s team, but have forgotten the outcome.  

The debunked Russia collusion story wound up not just baseless but very fishy. So fishy that after Mueller’s team finally wrapped up, a special prosecutor was appointed to investigate how the story ever got started. In effect, the new special prosecutor was tasked with investigating the basis for the baseless earlier investigation.

The new special prosecutor is well-respected John Durham. Trump supporters have been frustrated at the slow pace of his investigation, but this guy takes time to get ready and carefully aim before he shoots. He embodies the adage that the wheels of justice turn slowly but grind exceedingly fine.

That’s shown by his 26-page indictment of Clinton’s lawyer. The first sentence grabs your attention:

“[A]pproximately one week before the 2016 U.S. Presidential election . . .  multiple media outlets reported that U.S. government authorities had received and were investigating allegations concerning a purported secret channel of communications between the Trump Organization, owned by Donald J. Trump, and a particular Russian bank.”

The indictment explains that this story got in the press because the lawyer put it there. He leaked it to his news reporter buddies just before the election.  

The indictment details the fact that the lawyer and his accomplices knew this information they were providing to the FBI was doubtful at best. According to the indictment, one of the accomplices said in an email, “you do realize that we will have to expose every trick we have in our bag to even make a very weak association?”

But they didn’t care if the allegations were false. What they cared about was that the allegations couldn’t possibly be shown to be false in the few days before the election.

The Clinton campaign itself was indisputably in on the smear orchestrated by their lawyers. The indictment states that the lawyer “exchanged emails with the Clinton Campaign’s campaign manager, communications director, and foreign policy advisor concerning the . . . allegations that [the lawyer] had recently shared with” the press.

What about Hillary herself? Is it possible that none of those three – Hillary’s Campaign Director, her Communication’s Director and her Foreign Policy Advisor – ever told Hillary?

It’s possible but highly unlikely. Subordinates don’t go that far out on a limb of dirty tricks without a heads-up to the boss.

It’s also possible but highly unlikely that they’ll say they didn’t tell Hillary while in fact they did. Saying they didn’t when they did would constitute another lie to the FBI for which they could get indicted.

Moreover, in weighing the odds of them lying to the FBI, note that persons interviewed by the FBI don’t know what the FBI knows. So even if the FBI doesn’t have the goods, the person being interviewed has to assume they do in order to avoid perjuring themselves.

Finally, the underlings will be motivated to toss Hillary under the bus by Durham’s offer of plea bargains if they do. Offering plea bargains in exchange for testimony incriminating the higher-ups is of course standard operating procedure for a prosecutor working his way up the chain of command in an organization, whether it’s the mafia or Public Enemies like the DNC.

A likely outcome, therefore, is that executive staff in Hillary’s campaign who reported directly to her will admit to the FBI (if they haven’t already) that they did in fact tell her about the scheme. There’s a good chance that the communication with Hillary will be in an email, and so it will be undisputable. Hillary has a habit of accidentally hammering her phones in a way that destroys the emails they contain, but the other side to the email will probably still have copies in a deleted file somewhere.

Bottom line: Durham has established that Hillary’s campaign was conducting a dirty tricks operation under the mask of its law firm. They enlisted the FBI in their dirty tricks by providing the FBI information they knew was misleading or spurious. Days before the election, with too little time for the information to be refuted by Trump, they leaked the ensuing smear to the press.

This was done through a lawyer for the campaign who falsely told the FBI he was acting on his own behalf and not on behalf of the campaign. (Query: Did the lawyer actually think the FBI would buy that? The agents must have said to one another microseconds after the interview with the lawyer was over, “Subpoena his billing records!”)

What probably comes next is that Hillary’s lieutenants will confirm that she was in on the scam. Hillary will be disgraced as a dirty trickster of the first order if she confirms she knew of this. If she denies it in an interview with the FBI, then she could well be the next indictment.

(Query: What about this lawyer’s law firm, a Seattle-based firm with aspirations? This indicted lawyer was a partner there along with another partner who appears to be the operator who drummed up the debunked Steele dossier purporting to say that germaphobe Trump engaged in pee-pee sex with Russian prostitutes. Both are gone from the firm now (the last one left hours after the indictment issued, and the other one left a few months ago) and the firm has scrubbed its website of any mention of them. But the actions of a partner are ordinarily attributed to the partnership as a whole, whether the other partners actually knew of them or not. And how could they not actually know? Surely the managing partners of the firm got periodically briefed on the firm’s representation of the Hillary campaign and the Democratic National Committee, two big-name and controversial clients of the firm.)

(Query: How much does Bill know? You know the answer. Bill knows everything.)

Glenn Beaton practiced law in the federal courts, including the Supreme Court.

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28 thoughts on “Lock her up – Hillary is going down

  1. DemonicRATS have a firm grip on our short hairs. Those who steal elections rule the roost after the theft. CONVICT the clintoons? POWER & MONEY. it’s a tempest in a teapot. OBombya bucks to fig Newtons it’s a bust. These people are immune from what they deserve..Republicans are spineless wimps hampered by the many RINO’S in their midst. We are watching the destruction of the Republic from traitors within. The enemy is within the gates.

  2. Glenn, I love the way you analyzed the situation, just like the lawyerly lawyer I know you must be. (Your analytic acumen comes through in most of your posts.) However, I gotta say, in today’s post and the last one you put up, wherein you postulated a Republican tsunami, your prognostications may just be influenced by your personal hopes and desires and you may be getting a little ahead of reality. I, too would like to think that the wheels of justice, which in this case of the Durham investigation have ground veryyyyyyy slowly, will grind exceedingly fine. But based on sad experience, it is my fear that this indictment, rather than being the start of the tumbling house of cards, is actually the end of the line. The Clintons, as you know, are among the most devious and dirty politicians in American history, and have built their entire political and personal careers on the bodies of their opponents. They take no prisoners and brook no opposition. Nothing matters to them beyond than the gaining, exercise of and holding on to power. (Well, with respect to Bill, there’s chasing strange poon, too, but that’s a different story.) It actually took the even more ruthless and devious criminal organization of the Obama machine to oust them from their sinecure. So, in order to bring them down through legal channels, it would take an equally ruthless and dedicated team of prosecutors, but I’m afraid that Elliot Ness and his crew of Untouchables are no longer available (if they ever were, outside of the TV show and cinema.) Nonetheless, I’m with you all the way on this one, and will keep hoping that the unraveling of the Clinton machine follows the narrative you have spun. After all, it’s been said that a man’s reach should exceed his grasp, or what’s a heaven for?

  3. Ah, I was reading your analysis to see what the “hook” is for getting Hillary. Perjury to the FBI. But she’s lied to them before, or, she just “can’t recall.” How much she is disgraced will depend upon whether this scandal gets coverage in the propaganda media.

  4. I’ve been fascinated and disgusted from the moment the “golden showers” story was published that ANYONE would have believed it…not to mention the various Trump Russia connections. How many tens of millions have been wasted because the Democrats can’t win on the merits but must cheat.

    I’m also rather fascinated and disgusted with Perkins Coie, while Seattle based, used to have a large presence in Portland and was one of the top firms, the one that eager young law school graduates coveted. The old white shoe type firm as I recall its previous reputation. I have to wonder how this fancy firm got wrapped up in such a seedy group but then someone also defended Epstein.

    I’m still skeptical that anything will happen to Hillary. She is slippery as a slug and about as appealing.

  5. The word is already out that The Clinton Family has already prepared a statement of condolences for the recent passing of Michael A. Sussmann due to multiple, self-inflicted, gun shot wounds to his head. The presciently timed statement further adds that Counselor Sussmann was a dear friend to the Clinton Family and his friendship and services will be sorely missed and may he Rest In Peace after his tragic passing tomorrow.

    • I’d have to revisit Dante to speculate about her place in Hell. But for Bill it’s a simpler matter: he’ll be walking down that beach eternally with the woman pictured next to him in the photo above.

    • I think the Republicans are smart not to pile on. If they did, the thing would start to look too political and it would bring Hillary defenders out of the woodwork. Just let Durham play it out as the criminal matter that it is.

      (For this same reason, I wish Trump would stay quiet about it, but I know he won’t.)

  6. How about the FBI that were in on it? Comey said he’d not pursued Hillary because he thought she was about to be elected, he would let a criminal be seated? Obama/Biden unleashed the Feds on Flynn and the others and all the unmaking? Something tells me if this does not all get outed, the rug from which it’s swept under is not big enough. To many still say Trump was a Russian agent, so so so incredulous!

    • Meanwhile … Comey’s FBI was also busy covering up for that pedo-pervert Nasser who was sexually assaulting and raping all of those underage gymnasts. The FBI agents conducting the “investigation” we’re more interested in getting post-retirement security jobs for swampy orgs like the gymnastics association and the US Olympic Committee.

  7. As with Benghazi, “At this point WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE?!!!” After all, Bad Orange Man is gone, and just about every locus of power around the world will work to see that he’s never coming back. The most massive, extensive political assassination in history is a done deal, and the current government has all that weaponry that various agencies stocked up on during the Obama years, or so I assume, plus Dominion Voting Systems.

    But your analysis and your readers’ comments are excellent. Perhaps there is some satisfaction to be had. Perhaps the wrong will fail, the right prevail after all, at least to some degree.

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  9. Presumably SS Agents trailing the couple. Anyone know the logo on the crown of Bill’s cap? She must be under severe skin cancer warning or fear of the same. How the mighty have fallen! To You, Oh Lord, be the Glory and our Destiny.

    Years and perhaps a little luck at the divine grace dispensary incline me to observe that as ego is removed from the realm of activity — the desire to take credit, the willingness to accept blame, the impulses to harm and to do good, the habit of putting “I” (a word *everyone* uses to name themselves!) into everything — exhalation and depression, both, recede from experience.

    How could “I” have so many bodies, be so many places all at once? The evil man and the good man both give the same name: “I.”

  10. (Monday, after nap time) … “Joe? Bill here, seriously, fire this guy and end this thing … I have pictures of Hunter on the Lolita Express … (click) … #$^@!&%, well, maybe jail will get her out of my hair … get me Ashley’s phone number.” … “Damn, I never liked those trailer trash from Arkansas.” … (later) “Michelle, it’s our party now.”

  11. Glen Greenwald reports that Biden’s National Security Advisor, Jake Sullivan, was right in the middle of this hoax. Pray Gods he gets indicted.

  12. The FBI has already proven it is compromised and corrupted. Relying on them to pursue a powerful poltical figure is a joke.
    They wont do squat to Hillary, as has already been shown. The DOJ maybe ?hahaha


  14. Hillary Clinton at this point is an elderly woman who is declining in health and vitality. Getting to her might be just a path to make a prosecution of Donald Trump appear more acceptable.

    Hillary is done as a political force and so is husband Bill, who actually has been president. The Clinton created some enviable political machinery but it existed only to serve them. There are no successors to take over their machinery and they made no effort to create any.

    Just wave bye-bye and move on. The best course is to just drop it as an issue. It’s time for history to expose the Clintons as the political gangster that they were, not the legal system.

  15. This is one of the dumbest blog posts I’ve ever read. The author clearly doesn’t understand anything about criminal prosecutions or the law. What a fucking moron lol.

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