Why are Haitians sent home but Mexicans and Central Americans get to stay?

Joe Biden’s border policy would be comical if it weren’t so destructive and tragic. He in effect tells would-be immigrants, “Please don’t come but, if you do, we’ll let you in and let you stay.”

Predictably, they do come, they do get let in, and they do stay. Put another way, they come, they see and they conquer — all at the implicit invitation of the president. How long before they get dinner at the White House?

Millions come. Border towns are overrun. Sanitation is bad. Conditions are horrendous, filthy and unprecedented.

Twenty-six state governors begged Biden to take time out from (another) vacation to discuss the matter. On behalf of the American people they represent, the governors asked that our immigration laws be enforced – that these illegal immigrants be prevented from committing their illegal act of entering and staying in the United States, not to mention whatever additional illegal acts they may commit once they’re here. Biden ignored the governors.

A few reporters have shouted out questions to Biden about the disaster. His reply was that he wanted to ride his bicycle

The mainstream media (assuming CNN and MSNBC are not fringe elements these days) mostly ignore the border debacle because the president responsible for it is a Democrat. Compare their sparse coverage of the terrible border situation under this Democrat with their incessant coverage of the better border under his Republican predecessor. But even the media is finally taking notice of the problem.

But still, the immigrants come, they see and they conquer. Because the president invites them to.

Except Haitians. Haitians were slow to the border but are quickly making up lost ground. Thousands are now at the border on the U.S. side living in squalor under a bridge. They apparently don’t get to stay, however. Biden is flying them back to Haiti.

Why? Why do the illegal Mexican and Central American immigrants get to come, see and conquer while the illegal Haitian immigrants come, see and get sent home?

The reasons are related and troubling. One, the Mexican and Central American illegals have on their side powerful American Hispanic activists (but generally not ordinary Hispanics). Hispanic activists are a potent political force. Democrats including this president kowtow to them.  

Haitians, in contrast, have no such political lobby. Haitians are almost all black but American black activists have little use for them, just as they have little use for Africans. Maybe that’s because black Haitians and black Africans desperate to come to America to live and work are inconvenient to American black activists’ narrative that America is a horribly anti-black racist place.

The second reason is more basic. White suburban liberals are OK with illegal Hispanics since their skin color is pretty white and they do a good job cleaning suburban bathrooms. But black Haitians, unlike American blacks, have relatively little white blood in them. They tend to be very black and they don’t do bathrooms. They scare white suburban liberals.

Now don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying the illegal Haitians should be allowed to stay. No how, no way. I favor immigration and I like immigrants but only the legal kind. Nations without borders become non-nations.

What I’m saying is that the illegal Mexicans and Central Americans should not be allowed to stay either. Nor should other illegals, whether white, black, brown or any other color. Singling out people for deportation on the basis of their race is racist.  

11 thoughts on “Why are Haitians sent home but Mexicans and Central Americans get to stay?

  1. Thanks for this. Of all the catastrophic policies designed to spit on America First, “insurrectionist” white flyover country, the invitation to invasion across the Texas border is the most transparently malevolent — having as its object, first, the destruction of Texas and then the total “reset” (whatever that means) of life in America. It’s a completely unlawful assault on the nation by the Enemy Within.

    As for the French-speaking Haitians, most of whom were already in Central and South America, your theory is as good as any as to their relative unacceptability. Like recent black immigrants from Africa, they probably are or soon will be repulsed by inner-city boyz in the hood, and like Cubans might be so grateful to be in America that they’ll vote Republican. Who knows? Or it could be simply that the optics of the present chaos is something that even the radical Dems can’t quite justify and get away with.

    So where are the Republicans in Congress? Republican governors have been great.

  2. The real reason is that the Left is anti-black racist. They make exceptions here and there for good little negroes who play their game.

  3. Meanwhile . . . . “Horrified!” This is the reaction of DHS chief Mayorkas upon seeing video of mounted Border Patrol agents exercising crowd control with all the sure confidence, professionalism and sheer grace that one might find in a good ballet company.

    This guy would probably view a typical painting of St. Michael the Archangel as an exhibition of “white rage.” He lives in a world where we “reimagine” police while releasing felons from prison because they might catch Covid.

    He and his boss are examples of evil masquerading as stupidity, incompetence, and social “decency.” Satan as stooge and nice guy. It seems to work.

    • Maybe, but I’m reminded of Hanlon’s Razor.

      There are some very evil people in the Democrat Party, but most Democrats are just useful idiots to those very evil ones. They’re wrapped up in doing what makes them feel good, rather than what accomplishes good, Yes, that’s an evil too, but it’s a lazy kind of evil, not a diabolical kind.

      • So now, Glenn, it appears that you, along with the rest of us, were lied to, across a broad spectrum of media, about the Haitians being returned to Haiti.

        So what kind of people lie like this, and simultaneously attempt to deflect attention to the “horrific” actions of the equestrian Border Patrol agents — well-intentioned idiots or “diabolical” deceivers? And at what point are their “useful idiot” supporters required to recognize their complicity as something more than lazy ignorance?

        I’m beyond Hanlon’s Razor at this point.

  4. Why complain about Latin and Haitian immigrants. One must realize that it is Poetic Justice for the way that non-white immigrants have been treated over the years. Like Rome, the American Empire is destined to fall, unless it changes its ways. This is due largely to the hypocritical Conservative Christian Right that runs this country and that does not practice what it preaches. The chickens have truly come home to roost.

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