Biden has managed to drive both Israel and Saudi Arabia toward Russia

Joe Biden canceled the Keystone Pipeline on his first day in office. Since then, he’s put a moratorium on numerous American oil and gas projects.

The result, naturally, has been less production of inexpensive American oil and gas, more importation of expensive foreign oil and gas, and less abundance of both. This has produced ever-increasing prices at the pump and in your utility bills.

The oddity is that all this political posturing is premised on the absurdity that burning American oil and gas produces greenhouse gas emissions, but burning foreign oil and gas does not.

I shouldn’t say this is an oddity. It’s the way the leftist mind works. They operate on feelings, not thoughts.

Banning American oil and gas production gives them a triple dose of feel-good. There’s one dose for attacking an industry they loathe, a second dose for attacking the employees of that industry whom they also loathe, and a third dose for attacking the oil-producing parts of the country – Red States – that they loathe. Lotta loathing going on with these people.

Be aware that the rocketing price of oil and gas is not due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine. These price increases began the very month that Biden was inaugurated, and have continued nearly every month since.

But the Russian invasion certainly compounded and accelerated the problem. The loss and threatened loss of Russian oil has sent gasoline prices toward $6/gallon in America and $9/gallon in Europe.

The Democrats cheered the high prices, until political polls showed that Americans don’t like paying high prices for gas and the calendar showed that this is the year many of them have to get re-elected to their lucrative, favor-receiving, status-filled, Chardonnay-sipping gigs, or else get a real job. So now they pretend to want lower gas prices.

Biden’s Transportation Secretary informs us that we should simply buy electric vehicles. Thanks.

A better way to achieve lower gas prices would be to re-ramp American production of oil and gas. But that option is not available because it would give the greens a dose of feel-bad.

Biden is instead begging the Middle East oil sheiks to increase production of their oil – you know, the kind that’s more expensive than American oil but, the greens like to pretend, emits no greenhouse gases. To that end, Biden phoned up the Saudi Arabians.

The Saudis refused to take the call. Same with the United Arab Emirates.

Think about that. The leaders of both countries – which are considered American allies highly dependent on American goodwill – refused an urgent call from the President of the United States in a time of world crisis in which they knew he would beg to be an even bigger customer of them. In the case of the Saudis, they are apparently still miffed that Biden went out of his way to insult them in the first days of his presidency.

Miffing the Saudis undoubtedly made lefties from low level assistants in the State Department right up to and including the Oval Office occupant experience lots of feel-good.

But maybe the Saudis couldn’t take Biden’s call because they were on the phone with Putin. Reports are that they are quite cozy now with The Butcher of Kyiv.

In any event, the Saudis and UAE evidently think their relationship with Putin and Russia is more important than their relationship with Biden and America. In just a year, Biden has driven the Saudis and UAE away from America and into the arms of Vladimir Putin.

But wait, Biden can top that. He has managed to alienate even Israel.

The big issue with Israel is of course the existential threat – geez, I hate that pseudointellectual phrase (a favorite of Barack Obama) but here it’s accurate – that is posed by Iran’s nuclear program. Biden is reportedly on the verge of re-signing the notorious Iran nuke deal that enables Iran to make The Bomb.

Except that this Iran deal will be even worse than the deal that Obama signed and delivered to Iran wrapped in pallets of Benjamins. (Maybe Biden’s will be wrapped in pallets of Clevelands?) Under the new deal, Iran will be able to make The Bomb in a matter of weeks from the time the bearded ones give them the go-ahead.

Israel would like this totalitarian theocratic regime that has sworn to destroy it not to have The Bomb to do so. Go figure.

In fairness to Biden, he has problems too. If he doesn’t give Iran the means to destroy Israel, he’ll get a scolding from The Squad. Who terrify him even more than a faulty teleprompter.

And so, perhaps tellingly, this week while Putin rained bombs (with a small “b” but lots of them) down on Kyiv schools, nursing homes, hospitals and nuclear power plants, all while rattling his compensatory nuclear sword big Bomb at all the world, the Israeli Prime Minister was in Moscow meeting with him. Hmm.

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29 thoughts on “Biden has managed to drive both Israel and Saudi Arabia toward Russia

  1. Glenn,
    Be thankful for the incompetence of the current administration. Considering that 80 million supposedly voted for Biden, Kamala, Pelosi, Schumer etal…….that 80 million might be reconsidering their mistake and vote on issues this November rather than the media’s hype, lies and bias?

      • What the 80,000,000 say isn’t as important as what the 80,000,000 do when the vote. They can always lie to their buddies about what they do in private. After all, lying is embedded in their genetic code.

  2. I think this a great illustration of Tulsi Gabbard’s observation of the Biden Administration’s “FU Attitude both Home and Abroad.”

  3. We now have War ongoing in Ukraine, which will shortly lead to Famine, not only in that part of the world, but globally, particularly in those countries that traditionally fail to produce enough food crops to feed their citizens. (I’m looking at you, sub-Saharan Africa.) To say that we already experience Pestilence in light of the Sars2 Covid pandemic goes without saying. Seems as if only Death and Hades have been left waiting in the wings, but they will soon make their scheduled appearance. (For those who are mystified by this, please cf., “The Revelation of Jesus Christ to His Servant John,” Chapter 6.) Let those who have an ear, hear.

  4. I don’t think Joe Biden has feeling about much of anything.

    I believe Biden is a sarcastic, money grubbing Communist at heart who believes he can do as he pleases, without consequence since he was seated in the White House. Unfortunately, he is now being confronted by two other Communists, Putin and Xi, who also believe they can do as they wish, and have said so with nuclear undertones.

    • I respectfully disagree. President Pee-Paw is a sock puppet…nothing more. The “grubby communists” you reference are back in the shadows with direct lines to Obama.

      • You are more right than most realize. It is no coincidence Obama broke with an unbroken tradition and purchased a mansion just blocks from the levers of power. It is no coincidence Obama turned to Clyburn and shifted the entire black vote to Biden to insure he was the presidential candidate who then chose equally incompetent Kamala Harris as vice president.

        The entire “intelligence community” knows full well of the Biden clan pay to play scam with the most protected front man, Hunter Biden, being held in abeyance until the appropriate time…the summer run up to the November elections at which time Biden will be forced from office leaving Kamala the president who will then nominate Obama as vice president thus circumventing the 22nd Amendment i.e. the 2nd coming of the neo-Marxist messiah who will then implement the final stage of Gramsci’s strategy by calling the Marxian faithful into the street in a “War of Maneuver” or violent revolution.

        Embrace the horror and get ahead of it by making the strategy public knowledge.

  5. I don’t think it is Biden incompetence, the leftist green agenda or the four clowns. I think this has more to do with who knows what about Biden & his fellow cronies and the informational leverage it affords. History has proven there are many ways to skim & launder money and connive for power. Why do all his actions chip away at the strength of the Republic?

  6. A great statesman might step in and suggest that if Putin stops and withdraws all his troops to his borders, then Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Ukraine might consider either not joining or leaving NATO and forming a NEUTRAL, but armed, buffer state on Putin’s border along with Belarus.

    In addition, Ukraine will promise not to shut off the water to Crimea while the status of Crimea and the Donbas region is sorted out by third party, neutral, observers.

    If there were any great statesmen around anymore. It’s tough being caught between the Axis of Evil (Putin) and the Axis of Stupid (Biden and NATO).

  7. The perpetual mystery: is Biden a puppet-proxy-stand-in for Bernie or Obama or is he an angry, demented harpy who is trashing the prosperity and diplomatic/trade successes enabled by Trump, who is bitter Biden’s better?

    For forty years Biden has always tried to project: “See how tough I am?”, which lands in cow flop as: “See what a lying, impetuous and stupid coward I am?.”

  8. Oh I came across a column from MSNBC this AM that I shared telling how Right Wingers were bending the truth to make this all Biden’s Fault. Herr Goebbels must be proud!

    • Good one! Because ‘right wingers’ have been in control of the government since Day 1 of the Brandon Administration.

      Yup, those 80 million dead voters are going to run with that story, especially because it makes absolutely no sense. Which you already know.

  9. I live in SoCal where a gallon of gas is now well over $5.00 per gallon. Something interesting to note … I NEVER see any leftover Biden/Harris bumper stickers on any cars anywhere. With a proclaimed 80+ million who voted this ticket in 2020, you might expect to see a few of these leftover bumper stickers around. But nada. None. Zero. Zilch.

    But, another Biden sticker has become all the rage, especially at the gas station pumps with Sloppy Joe bragging “I DID THAT!” in regards to $5.00+ per gallon gas prices.

    In regards in Sloppy Joe’s ability to manage and implement sound national and international policies, just remember these two prescient quotes about Joe Biden from two insiders who saw him very up close …

    “I think he has been wrong on nearly every major foreign policy and national security issue over the past four decades.”

    – Former Defense Secretary Robert Gates (Barack Obama’s first Defense Secretary)


    “Don’t underestimate Joe’s ability to fuck things up.”

    – Former President Barack Obama


  10. “The Saudis refused to take the call. Same with the United Arab Emirates.”

    But the president’s chief propagandist, freckles, ‘debunked’ that today. Something about they talked to these theocratic despots on Feb. 7th.

    Now I don’t know who to believe!

  11. “Lot of loathing going on,” for sure. It seems like the only good policy is one that inflicts pain, discomfort, and/or prolonged suffering, if not actual physical and/or spiritual death. These people are animated by what Poe called the imp of the perverse. Older metaphors depict a canker in the rose, or the worm in the apple. I have previously used the word “Satanic,” but of course that’s just “backwards.”

    • Since I’ve called the Dems perverse, I’ll explain.

      Perversity is choosing to do the wrong thing because one CAN. Obviously, Putin has chosen to invade Ukraine because he now can, not because it is an intelligent thing to do even as regards his own self-interest.

      Similarly, the flurry of executive orders signed by Biden on Day One — to open our borders, cripple energy production, and so forth — were little more than an expression of power over Trump (revenge!) because he and his masters had that power.

      So who is well served? The planet? The new New World Order? Do we now serve abstractions at the expense of our increasing misery and subjugation?

  12. Virtually 100% of our food is grown with equipment powered by internal combustion engines. There is no such thing as an electric tractor or combine at this time. The agricultural products are delivered to processing with machines powered by internal combustion engines. The foodstuffs produced are transported using machines powered by internal combustion engines. A Prius or Tesla sedan is not going to accomplish any of these tasks. Or is the ultimate objective to return to 1850’s agriculture and food transport?

  13. A ridiculous premise leads to ridiculous conclusions. Absolutely NO ONE thinks burning imported fossil fuels leads to less greenhouse gasses. What some do think is that higher prices lead to less consumption, ergo less greenhouse gasses. The theory is that limiting domestic production raises prices and thus lowers . . . I don’t know the degree to which this is correct. But at least argue with the real premise, not one that you made up. BTW, the snide teleprompter comment once again violates your New Year’s resolution. Biden’s fear of the squad is of course, real (though I’m uncertain “fear” is the right word.) . But it’s hardly unique. They are a powerful part of his political base, so he has naturally to take them very seriously; That’s just ordinary politics. “Proud Boys — stand back and stand by.”

    • Wait a minute. You’re overplaying your hand, rkd.

      (1) Biden and the Dems never said they were canceling Keystone for the purpose, as you contend, of raising prices. I suspect that’s exactly why they did it, but they never admitted it and still don’t. My suggestion that they think foreign oil doesn’t emit greenhouse gases is to illustrate that they’re not candid about their energy policy.

      We can debate whether we should have higher or lower energy prices, but let’s be honest about the role of prices, geopolitics, demand and supply in that debate rather than pretending, as the Dems do, that oil can be legislated into existence or demand can be legislated out of existence.

      (2) As for Biden’s teleprompter, that’s perfectly fair game. The cognitive level of the President of the United States, especially one that shows distinct signs of impairment, is, after all, relevant. BTW, I don’t remember the left being careful not to hurt Ronald Reagan’s feelings when he showed signs of aging after being shot nearly to death (and he was never as old in office as Biden is now).

      More recently, the Dems suggested early in Trump’s presidency that he was mentally unable to be president. In response, Trump took a cognitive test (which he aced) and released the results. Notably, Biden either refuses to take that test or, more likely (since any doctor would recommend such a test for someone with Biden’s age and symptoms) he has taken the test but refuses to release the results.

      (3) I’m glad you agree with me that Biden is afraid of the Dem kooky Representatives who go by the moniker of “The Squad.” As for Proud Boys, which you hold up as the Republican counterpart, your analogy is false because, I’m glad to say, the Republicans have not elected any Proud Boys to Congress. It’s consequently clear to me that Mitch McConnell, for example, is not exactly terrified of offending Proud Boys the way Biden — and Schumer and Pelosi — are terrified of The Squad.

    • I agree … but I also think that the debate needs to change; it needs to be flipped over and a constructive pro-advocacy take on why petroleum, natural gas and other fossil fuels are in fact a great benefit to humanity and to the planet. Anybody in support of petroleum, fracking, oil exploration, mining, etc., needs to re-consider the debate strategy by not playing defense anymore.

      A proactive positive case in full throated support of fossil fuels needs to be made … no more apologies.

      Check out Alex Epstein’s non-profit think tank website, the Center for Industrial Progress, at:

      He also authored the book “The Moral Case For Fossil Fuels.” According to Epstein, there are 3 different morals views of fossil fuels:

      Unnecessary evil: fossil fuels are not needed and they are destroying the planet.

      Necessary evil: fossil fuels are evil but they are needed because renewable energy is not enough.

      Superior good: fossil fuels are good.

      Epstein believes in the third point of view by asserting that the challenges of using fossil fuels are far outweighed by their overall benefits to humanity and to the planet.

  14. As a woman someone smarter than I am writes
    “ The world can also observe that we have elected – and seem to be tolerating as leader – a person who was never smart to begin with and now is further diminished cognitively. This cannot be hidden. There are consequences for the entire country, and not just as long as Biden remains president but beyond. And it’s not limited to just the direct damage he’ll do.

    Kamala Harris leaves a slightly different but similarly incompetent impression.”

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