As I predicted a year ago, the GOP will win about 46 seats in the House

Extrapolating from Glenn Youngkin’s win in the Virginia governor’s race, I predicted a year ago that the GOP would flip about 46 seats in the House in the midterm elections, and two or three in the Senate.

So here we are a year later, on the verge of those midterms. How’s my prediction holding up?

Quite well, thank you. The Real Clear Politics aggregation of pundit predictions says the GOP will pick up between 12 and 47 seats. The first – the 12 seat prediction – is clearly from a transexual-grooming Democrat pot legalization pundit with purple hair who just got canceled a tenth of the $100,000 student loan that THEY took out for THEIR gender studies degree, while the last – the 47 seat prediction – is obviously from someone who thinks clearly but about 2% too optimistically. Probably a Republican.

As for the Senate, RCP says the GOP will pick up three seats, giving them a 53-47 majority, compared to my prediction of two or three. OK, I’ll take three. Either way, it’s one or two more than necessary for the GOP to block the nuttier of Joe Biden’s judicial and administrative appointments, which is to say most of them, and to conduct serious investigations into the Biden family business, the humanitarian disaster at the border, the politicization of the FBI, the criminal enterprises operating out of District Attorney offices, and other entertaining topics.

When the GOP turns up the heat on Biden’s debacle of a presidency, expect him to quit. He’s not good under pressure, he’s lazy, he’s too old for the job, he was never smart, he’s mean, he’s friendless, and he’ll quit.

One more thing. The left likes to suggest that Americans are stupid, for lots of reasons. One is because they don’t “vote their interests.” This is their way of saying that people should vote for whatever policies personally help them, especially policies that give them money. Not to do so is stupid, says the left.

They famously point to Kansas, as in “What’s wrong with Kansas?” The left has concluded that Kansans are stupid because they vote for Republicans even though Democrat giveaways would benefit them more personally.

It’s ironic that it’s the left that brings this charge. The left is supposed to be all about altruism, but are quick to call people stupid if they don’t behave selfishly.

What the left does not understand is that the reason most Americans put their country’s interests ahead of their own is not out of accident or stupidity. It’s a conscious choice. Kansans and most other Americans love their country and are willing to subordinate their personal desires to the good of that country.

The left cannot understand the concept of loving one’s country. They have a hard time with any kind of love apart from the kind they feel for themselves.

But it’s selflessness – or stupidity in the eyes of the left – that drives soldiers in battle; it’s what sends firefighters into a burning building; it’s what prompts men and women to be unpaid Scout leaders.

Maddeningly for the left, these people who are allegedly too stupid to put their personal interests above their country’s interests tend to be happier for it. And so is their society – we need such selfless people more than we need class warfare college professors, rich Wall Street tycoons, violent Antifa protesters, or George Soros.

These selfless people are also selfless with their money. It’s a fact that by every measure conservatives make more charitable donations than liberals. Notice that you don’t see charitable donations listed on those virtue-signaling law signs. Donations cost money, while the virtue advertised by the lawn sign planters is invariably cost-free.   

Join the soldiers, firefighters, Scout leaders and philanthropists. Join the Republicans. Join your country.

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15 thoughts on “As I predicted a year ago, the GOP will win about 46 seats in the House

  1. FTA: “When the GOP turns up the heat on Biden’s debacle of a presidency, expect him to quit. He’s not good under pressure, he’s lazy, he’s too old for the job, he was never smart, he’s mean, he’s friendless, and he’ll quit.”
    ———————————————————————————————————-Oh great, and then we’ll get Kamala Harris…. and if not her, Nancy Pelosi. The hits just keep on coming!

  2. My dearest friend, dinner companion and hiking companion, how you can asset that Republicans are the mainstay of the country is most extraorfinary. The Reublicans in Congress support the big lie, believe that noting really happened on january 6th and follow Trump like he is some kind of answer to all ills. I think that the Republican Congresspeople (not Liz Chaney) are threatening the very insititions on which the foundation of this Country relies. And, while I hope your predicitons fail to come true, you might want to concern yourself with the health of the republic which I believe is approaching a tipping point of no country at all. Trump and his Republican followers threaten the very existence of this Country. No society has ever remained intact,not Greece, Rome, United Kingdom, Rashidun Caliphate, Portuguese Empire, Mongol, Yuan Dynasty to name a few. We are on the same path. Tryth carries no weight in Republican governing circles. If there is no truth, there is no law of the land. I know, there is much to be said about truth and its relatistic nature but after 61 Court cases, multiple Republican insiders diavowing everything Trump and his followers assert, where does truth live and when do Republian politicians beoocme statesmen and do what is right?

  3. Nice, Glenn. Especially that sentence about the purple-haired, pot-loving tranny-groomer with THEIR pronouns.

    As Michael Voris of Church Militant put it, what we are looking at is a composite of
    * the anti-woke vote;
    * the revenge vote (particularly for Covid lockdowns and Big Pharma/Big Government corruption and malfeasance);
    * the “parents strike back” vote;
    * the “Biden is a loser” vote;
    * the patriotic MAGA vote; and
    * the anti-socialist vote.

    I’ll add my own to the list: the anti-demonic vote.

    October 24, 2022; 2:29 PM
    “A man wearing a t-shirt supporting Senator Marco Rubio was brutally attacked in Hialeah, Fla., Sunday night because he was in the neighborhood canvassing on behalf of a Republican, the senator tweeted Monday.
    According to Rubio’s tweet, the man suffered internal bleeding as well as a broken jaw and “will need reconstructive surgery.” The unidentified man was also reportedly wearing a hat supportive of Florida governor Ron DeSantis.”

    Glenn, this is an example of what the democrats and the media industrial complex have created.

  5. There is nothing mysterious about the reasons behind the differences in the worldviews of those on the left and traditional Americans. (I refuse to call traditional Americans “rightists,” because that is a moribund and anachronistic term applicable only to European politics, not American society.) Leftists are, almost by definition solipsistic and narcissistic, believing that history began when they were born and will end when they die. Thus, the emphasis on jettisoning all that has come before and beginning with a tabula rasa at “Year Zero.” They learn nothing and have no interest in learning from the wisdom accumulated by prior generations. They typically have no children, or care little for the ones they spawn, and almost always inhabit urban centers where it is hard to even tell if the sun has risen or set. Thus, they have nothing to illustrate the continuity of life, let alone civilizations; everything starts and stops with them. They need not bother thinking about a legacy for their offspring, nor give a care about continuing the species. They never see the revolving of the seasons as does the farmer, with the repetitive cycle of planting and harvesting as necessities for continuation of life. The left hungers and orders takeout; it gets thirsty and spins the tap on the sink; it is concerned only with the satisfaction of its desires, never those of others. It loves “humanity” but despises people. It despises traditional families, sex roles, monogamy and religion; it glorifies its carnality, to the extent that it is willing to chemically and surgically mutilate itself to proclaim its debauchery and degeneracy. Leftists never build up, but only tear down what others have built, currently going under the faux sophisticated term “deconstructionism,” but in reality, merely the latest incarnation of the same urge exhibited by Satan to destroy everything in revenge for having been deposed from his heavenly habitation. There is really nothing new under the sun. Traditional Americans view the world through a Biblical lens; they recognize that it contains both beauty and horror and strive to emphasize the former and diminish, as far as humanly possible, the latter. I fervently hope that there are still enough of us to turn back this demonic tide that has arisen. May God help us in this quest; if He chooses not to, we have nobody to blame but ourselves.

    • As a former “professor” of literature (a title for which I am credentialed as fully as “Doctor” Jill), I am glad to see you transfix “deconstructionism” as the Satanic thing that it is. Instead of praising a culture that could produce a richly introspective and creative sensibility such as Emily Dickinson’s, it can only see a culture that marginalized her, forced her into reclusive solitude, and failed to recognize her genius until thirty years after her death— a culture that shackled her with the narrowness of its horrid institutions and expectations. This, indeed, is what our universities are teaching our children and grandchildren, dedicated to the proposition that it must all come down.

  6. Have you ever noticed? … It’s the Democrats who would love nothing more than to unionize all of the soldiers, firefighters, Scout leaders and philanthropists. Compel them all to join the SEIU, or the Teamsters, or some other AFL-LGBTQ whatever union and then they will stop being selfless and will then become selfish.

    And as for those unpaid Scout leaders, little league coaches, Rotary Club members and philanthropists, the liberal fascists in the Democrat Party will find a way to compel union dues out of all of them, if these commissars are given enough free reign.

    Vote out all of these collectivist social utopians as if your life depended upon it …because your life, or your life as you have known it, really does depend on it.

    Libertas perfundet omnia luce.

  7. Great article. These leftist troglodytes want to live like free-market capitalists but speak like communists on the barricades. When they lose power next month I expect them to become even MORE crazy than they already are.

  8. The scenario of Biden quitting will be historical and difficult to envision in today’s politics. My bet is the crazies will take it out on us and triple down on all their insane policies. IMO.

  9. American’s spoke last night and the Republicans should finally denounce Trump for who he is and what he has done to the Republican Party as I knew it. There will be a civil war within the Party and Kevin McCarthy is going to have one hell of a time taming the politicians who have the loudest voice!

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