Might we have a Republican president — in 2023?

Yes, and that’s 2023, not 2024. Here’s how.

It all starts with Joe Biden’s truculently delinquent and pathological son, Hunter. You know, the guy who was and apparently still is a cocaine addict and was drummed out of the Navy. The deadbeat father who denied paternity and avoided support obligations to the mother whom he met at a strip joint.

But those are the least of his troubles. Hunter’s “business” is to monetize his dad’s political position. He did so in the Ukraine where Hunter was paid millions by an oil and gas company, though he probably doesn’t even pump his own gas. The payors of these millions thanked him for introductions to dad.

The Bidens admit that the son’s payments from the Ukraine were because he was Joe’s son – they couldn’t possibly deny that – but contend that the payments did not affect U.S. policy toward the Ukraine. In other words, they say they accepted the payola but it’s OK because they cheated the Ukrainians out of getting anything for it.

It’s a little like Hillary’s pay-to-play speech schemes. She demanded and received $250,000 payments for one-hour speeches from connected people who wanted political favors, but denies that she ever gave them the favors they paid for.

Hunter’s Ukraine gig was nothing compared to his big prize, China. Always soft on China, dad took trips there as Vice President. Son would tag along. One of those tag-alongs produced a commitment from the Chinese to give the son a 10% stake in a huge private equity firm. In a later email from Hunter found on his laptop computer, he boasts that he received $10 million “for introductions alone.”

That email sets forth the split among Hunter and his cohorts. It says Hunter would hold 10% for “the big guy.” One of those cohorts in on the deal says “the big guy” was dad. The Biden’s have never disputed the authenticity of these emails and never disputed that “the big guy” was dad.

In what would be journalism malpractice if only they were still journalists, the garbage media buried most of this in the months leading up to the election. NPR tweeted, “we don’t waste time on stories that are non-stories.” Most other outlets were just as bad.

The U.S. Attorney’s Office seems to think this is not a non-story, but a story-story. They’re conducting a criminal investigation. The Bidens seek to characterize this as a routine tax audit, but the U.S. Attorney’s office doesn’t do routine tax audits. The IRS does that. When the U.S. Attorney’s Office gets involved in a tax investigation, it’s a criminal matter.

The criminal investigation is probably tax fraud. Hunter probably failed to declare some or all of his payola as income on his tax return, thereby illegally evaded taxes on it.

Indeed, an email recently surfaced from Hunter’s professional advisors telling him that he’d failed to declare $400,000 of payments from the Ukrainians as income, and advising him to file an amended return declaring it. There’s no evidence that he ever did, and Hunter hasn’t claimed that he ever did.

The question becomes, what did dad know and when did he know it?

Dad says he and his son “never discussed” overseas business dealings. He expects us to believe that when Hunter and his dad were together on Air Force Two for a 16-hour trip to China, dad never once said, “Son, why are you here?”

What else is dad lying about in connection with China and the Ukraine?

Here’s one good possibility. Dad may be lying that he never got any of his son’s payola. The email about 10% for “the big guy” so suggests. It’s also quite likely that dad’s shares of the payola weren’t declared on dad’s tax returns, just as they apparently weren’t on his son’s.

A big payment from the Chinese for unspecified work, after all, would be an embarrassing line-item on a tax return for a man with presidential aspirations, and would also cost him a lot in both taxes and votes.

If that’s what happened, then the dad is as guilty of tax fraud as the son, and possibly also guilty of accepting bribes if the prosecutors can tie the payola to U.S. policy decisions.

That’s plenty for impeachment by a GOP controlled House.

Impeachment is only fitting after the Dem House’s spurious impeachment of Trump. I’m reminded of when the Dems abolished the filibuster for judicial nominees, so that the Dems could pack the judiciary a decade ago. They lived to regret that when the GOP later got three Supreme Court appointments during the Trump administration. The Dems will live to regret their Trump impeachment as well.

You say the House is not controlled by the GOP? Ah, but it will be. Dems do poorly in mid-terms because most Dems are too lazy to vote. And the party of the sitting president does poorly in the first mid-term. And the writing is already on the wall with the stunning results achieved by the GOP in the House this year even though they lost the presidency. (Seems Joe Biden had reverse coattails.)

The GOP in 2022 will handily pick up the few House seats needed for a majority. Heck, with a few more “defund-the-police” campaigns by the Dems, the GOP could pick up all of them.

Once impeached, the trial is in the Senate where the GOP has control (they won’t lose both Georgia seats in the January runoff, and probably neither) and they are likely to have even more control after 2022 (the Senate seats at stake in 2022 favor the GOP).

True, it takes not just a majority of the Senate to convict; it takes 2/3. But if there’s a good case of bribery and tax fraud, expect the GOP to persuade the necessary 15 Dems.

Senile old Joe will then be sent to Brookdale to slobber in his soup. Don’t expect “Dr.” Jill to take care of him, even though we’re assured by no less than Whoopie Goldberg that she’s “a hellava doctor” and “an amazing doctor” who should be Surgeon General.

But what about his Vice President, Kamala Harris? In the course of the criminal investigation of Hunter and then Joe, she’ll become privy to proof of their guilt and their White House plots to dodge the wheels of justice. In short, Kamala she’ll become party to a conspiracy to obstruct justice by covering up a crime, which is itself a crime.

The Senate can try Joe and Kamala together. This isn’t a court of law with rigid procedures. It’s the Senate which is free to adopt procedures on the fly and it’s run by a political genius, Mitch McConnell. Both Joe and Kamala could get convicted and removed from office. 

Kamala will land somewhere better than Brookdale. Probably Hollywood or its info-tainment subsidiary, CNN.

The presidency then goes to the Speaker of the House. You know, the House that will then be controlled by Republicans with a Republican Speaker.

I’m not saying all this is a likely scenario. But stranger things have happened.

35 thoughts on “Might we have a Republican president — in 2023?

  1. There have already been reports of Kamala’s ties to CCP people. I’m very doubtful of this. Nobody did squat about Fast and Furious or any other Obama era discrepancy and the lies about Trump and Russia, of which there were many by many, so far no punishment so why or better who is going to go after Joe? I seriously hate where we are at but this is of no comfort let along offer any hope, back to the drawing board.

    • The major problem with this wonderful scenario above is the fact that ‘they’ won’t let Joe live long enough to become impeached. I doubt Joe will make it a year.

  2. Joe is more likely to die in office than to be removed by impeachment. Maybe he will have a breakdown leading to another aneurysm when the Deep State gets rid of Hunter to protect The Presidency. (All they have to do is to fix him up with some CIA party girls and put some really potent drugs in his crack pipe.) Then we will have President KamalaSutra.

  3. Dr Beaton, Related question: Do you think Barry has been pulling all the strings to get Kamala Brown, er, Harris in there all along?

  4. A far less wildly speculative scenario is that Trump remains President in 2021. I’m not sure why you’re so uninterested in the “pathways” that remain toward that outcome, but in the meantime the Biden story is a moot distraction, which perhaps it is meant to be by media that are suddenly aware of it. Watch the bauble in my left hand, while my right hand buries the 2020 election as a done deal.

  5. We have lost the the USA. We let these tyrants get away with stuff that we would be tried and implicated for. When will we read the Constitution and hold them accountable. We are living in a Communist regime.

  6. Glenn, you write as if the Democrats learned nothing about how to cheat better this time around, as if the Republicans are seriously trying to fight back, as if the rules really will be followed if Biden ever gets into office.

    That’s all nonsense. If we can’t keep them from taking office 20 Jan 21, they’ll flash us the bird and run roughshod over the Constitution, sneering at our protests and brutally shutting us down as a country. America will never have another Republican prez OR Republican-controlled Senate OR -House. America will be over.

  7. The judicial system of the USA grants now standing to litigants from the CCP of America and not to Americans seeking redress from being cheated, stolen from, and lied to by supposedly their own chief executives, legislators, and judges. On the ground, it will take soldiers to fix this, as it did in 17th Century Europe and 19th Century India. In hearts and minds, it will take saints and sages to fix this, as it did in 18th Century Europe and 20th Century India.

    MAGA: Protect The Mother Country

  8. Nice piece of fiction, but in the real world Democrat public officials (and “peaceful” protesters) don’t do time for their crimes, they mostly don’t even get arrested or charged. Get back to me when CNN shows video of the 5 AM SWAT raid on the Hunter Biden residence and Joe Biden’s personal attorney is arrested by the FBI. Furthermore, Democrats have now learned they can cheat in elections on a level they never dreamed about before and get away with it, so what will stop them from cheating to win those two Georgia Senate seats and expand their House majority in 2022? The media? The good conscious of Democrats? The never-Trump Republicans? The American voter timidly locked up in their homes afraid to go out? Ha Ha Ha.

  9. You neglect one important factor. If the Republican Senate votes to ignore the Republican Electors next month, the Republicans will never win another Senate race, EVER. In fact, there may no longer be a Republican Party if they don’t show respect to the Constitution and the Rule of law. I cannot see any Trump voters staying in the Republican Party.

  10. I wonder about who is third in line for the Presidency. It has always been the assumption that it was the Speaker of the House but I believe that the Constitution is silent on this. The Speaker is in the Legislative Branch which would be a violation of separation of powers. It would seem to me that the third runner-up should come from the Executive Branch. Most likely candidate should then be the Secretary of State.

  11. Very interesting. But I think you didn’t go far enough.
    I think the first thing the new Republican House of Representative will do is install a new Speaker of the House. That speaker will be Donald John Trump. After the Biden/Harris impeachment The Donald will reassume the duties of President. And he will be re-elected in 2024. So in 2028,when he leaves office, Trump will have been President in 10 of the previous 12 years. Bring it on !!!

  12. The 2022 Senate races don’t favor Repubs. 12 Dems are up for re-election and none strike me as vulnerable. Meanwhile, 20 Repub seats are up and I think at least Ron Johnson (Wisconsin) and Pat Toomey (Pennsylvania) are vulnerable.

    I think this piece by Christopher Roach merits consideration: https://amgreatness.com/2020/12/16/what-is-to-be-done/

    Takeaway line: “Ordinary politics are essentially over.”

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