What’s up with Biden’s transsexual?

If you want to be part of Joe Biden’s administration, you need to be a “first.”

I don’t mean “first” like first in your college graduation class. Heck, Biden himself was only in the top 50% of his law school class according to Biden and only in the top 85% according to the school records.  

No, not that kind of first. After all, this is a Democrat administration and so we’re not talking about dead white patriarchal European so-called merit.

What we’re talking about is that you need to be a “first” in your skin color or sexuality. Such as “first Asian Director of the Office of Management and Budget” or “first black woman vice president” or “first gay cabinet member” or “first Native American cabinet secretary.”

Or the subject of this column. Biden boasts that he has nominated the first transsexual Assistant Secretary for Health and Human Services.  

I have nothing against transsexuals. In fact, I wrote a column a few years ago expressing admiration for the former Bruce and now Caitlin Jenner. So long as they don’t prey on children or molest me or the other wildlife, I don’t care a fig about what a person does sexually in private with consenting people, animals or inanimate objects. (On second thought, let’s leave innocent animals out of this.)

But the left does care. If a person is gay or lesbian or bisexual or multi-gendered or transsexual, that’s to be celebrated almost as much as if they identify as one of the racial minorities on whom the left chooses to condescendingly smile and from whom they harvest votes.

And not just celebrated, but heroized. And not just heroized, but promoted.

So this particular individual who a few years ago had his male organ detached, turned inside out and inserted into his abdomen to make it into something like a female sex organ, gets celebrated, heroized and promoted to a cabinet under-secretary position.

When we ask about his qualifications for this job, they tell us that he’s the first transsexual to get promoted to such a position. When we repeat the same question, they repeat the same answer. When we repeat the question yet again, they say something like, “Shut up, you bigot!”

But I won’t shut up, because there’s a children’s medical issue here.

The medical issue is whether the surgery to which this nominee voluntarily subjected himself should be performed on children. That issue is within the purview of the job for which Biden has nominated him.

Yes, this surgery does get performed on children. There are 40+ clinics in the United States doing that. The largest transgender youth clinic in Los Angeles, for example, saw 1,000 patients last year. The youngest was a four-year-old.  

Many youngsters who undergo gender-reassignment surgery later regret it, as people often regret irreversible things they do before adulthood. Whether such surgery should be performed on children is hotly debated among physicians and psychiatrists.

Surprisingly, sometimes such irreversible surgery is performed on children contrary to the wishes of their parents. Physicians sometimes carve up the sex organs of boys and girls and fabricate them into organs of the opposite sex (can we still say “opposite sex”?) without the consent and indeed against the express wishes of the boys’ and girls’ parents.         

At his senate confirmation hearing, Biden’s transsexual nominee was asked by Senator Rand Paul, who is a physician, whether he endorsed this practice. Paul’s exact question is worth quoting:

“Do you support the government’s intervening to override the parent’s consent to give a child puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones, and/or amputation surgery of breasts and genitalia?” 

Here is the nominee’s exact answer:

“Transgender medicine is a very complex and nuanced field with robust research and standards of care that have been developed. If I am fortunate enough to be confirmed as the assistant secretary of health, I will look forward to working with you and your office and coming to your office and discussing the particulars of the standards of care for transgender medicine.”   

In short, the nominee under oath refused to answer the question.

The media in their reports on this testimony predictably did what they do to Republicans in these situations. They called Senator Paul a bigot and told him to shut up. Most media reports failed to quote either Senator Paul’s question or the nominee’s answer, but instead paraphrased and mischaracterized the exchange.

Whichever side you come down on (I happen to come down on Senator Paul’s side) the question was legitimate and the answer was evasive.  For that reason alone, this nominee should not be confirmed.

I don’t care about his sexuality and I don’t care about his “first-ness.” But I do care that he lacks the courage and honesty to give a forthright answer to an important question concerning medical care for children.

21 thoughts on “What’s up with Biden’s transsexual?

  1. Sometime in 2002 this subject was coming up more and more and columns started appearing at Real Clear, PJ Media, WSJ and a few other spots. I was indifferent to the subject, felt it affected an extremely small portion of the population and there is always the possibility of Nature making a mistake. I try to keep an open mind until evidence suggests a direction. At that time I came across an article written by one of the Doctors that originally perfected the Sex Change Surgical Procedure at John Hopkins, the Psychiatrist Dr. Paul R. McHugh, who wrote at length of this as folly. In it he stated that we are treating a mental disorder with surgery over Psychiatry, I think he has an extremely valid point, the suicide rate doesn’t change post surgery. For all the emotion, lives are still shattered but some manage to “Feel good about themselves.” Doing this to minors, as Dr. McHugh has written, is child abuse plain and simple.

  2. If abortion is “reproductive healthcare,” then genital mutilation must be “medical care for children.” If it sounds good, do it.

    My particular theology — soon to be outlawed by The Equality Act — holds that people are free to choose Hell. I refer specifically to physicians who have sworn to “First, do no harm” and then proceed to “care” for children in this manner. As for parents (and teachers and public librarians) who hold out such forbidden fruit to children, do they abuse those children any less than individuals with Münchausen syndrome? Where is Social Services? And — now my favorite question — where is The Supreme Court, the ultimate arbiter of reason and Natural Law, as embedded in The Constitution? Will it deny “cert” to challenges to The Equality Act? Will Justice Barrett come out of hiding now? Will Justice Roberts grow a pair? (Perhaps he needs some gender reassignment.)

  3. If transgenderism is a not a mental health issue, and therefore deserves government support to correct nature’s mistake and allow affected citizens to be their “true” selves, why are we stopping there? Tens of thousands of people suffer from anorexia and bulimia that also make them hate their true selves as they despise themselves when they look in the mirror and see the huge layers of fat deposited all over their 75 lb. bodies. It seems only fair that the government force (and perhaps pay for) doctors and hospitals to provide liposuction and stomach bypass surgeries to those suffering from anorexia or bulimia so that they can join transgenders in being their true selves, and no longer suffer from nasty comments from phobic people. Furthermore, the government should force Weight Watchers and other similar programs from discriminating against anorexics, and allow police to arrest citizens on hate speech violations when they insensitively call them “skinny” or other derogatory terms the belittles their pain. This discrimination has to stop.

    • According to Woke science, a particular neurosis is NOT a “mental illness” as long as it has embedded within it a deep-seated hatred of Western Civilization — its roles, its standards, its entire epistemology. Anorexics, for example, are often high achievers, Christians, members of the upper-middle class and so on, and are therefore clearly in need of treatment and conversion. Rachel Dolezal, on the other hand, is obviously normal and persecuted — why would anybody wish to remain “white”?

  4. For those of us who have read Ayn Rand, the answer is clear and quite beautifully put in “Anthem.”

    The left wants to erase gender and families and replace them with a collective “we.” No more men and women, fathers and mothers, girls and boys. Just “we.” And sex shall be loveless procreation, because marriage will be banned as well. Just think of the tortured lovers of Anthem, who have no words to express their love for each other:

    “We do not wonder at this new sin of ours. It is our second Transgression of Preference, for we do not think of all our brothers, as we must, but only of one, and their name is Liberty 5-3000. We do not know why we think of them. We do not know why, when we think of them, we feel of a sudden that the earth is good and that it is not a burden to live.”

    • For these people “care” means making sure their children know that “Biology is not Destiny,” which is rather like what the Serpent tells Eve in Genesis 3.

  5. Some things come to mind. First, the appropriate pronoun for the nominee is ‘it’. Second, I wonder if “it” will begin proposing normalization of female genital mutilation as practiced by our muslim friends. Its rallying cry can be “I did it, YOU can, too.” Third, will this practice become not only normal, but also required on everyone? Fourth, how will FGM be performed on transgenders? What will be removed?

    Last of all, did you all notice how I managed to combine multiple topics? Am I a genius at intersectionality, or what!

  6. We find these truths to be self evident …

    Man = XY = Male

    Woman = XX = Female

    A XY man who mutilates his genitalia and takes hormones is still just a genetic male who has been mutilated and is taking hormones.

  7. I disagree with you in paragraph six. Since when is an animal consenting? If that It/Thing/Freak would attempt to have sex with my dog or cat or horse, or any of my other animals, I would break It’s freaking neck and thingy.

    • Please tell us how you have the information to judge the “ugliest old hooker in the worst whorehouse in Juarez, Mexico.”
      This pig, “Rachel,” is a pathetic, confused, sick, person. Nothing more.

  8. We are a little late, but here it is: We refuse to use the term, “transgender,” rather we use term, “people who think they would prefer to be of the opposite sex.” This pathetic, sick, person is so confused that those of us who understand natural law, reality, common sense, know that he, and people like him, have to be rejected in any attempt to gain respectability, especially positions that involve policy for decent, red-blooded, Americans. Oooohhh, dog whistle, the libs/lefties/”progressives”/moral relativists/subjectivists/humanists/secularists/Democrat robots might say. Not at all–this pig should be rejected totally, thoroughly and forever.

    • If EVER in a future world this comment becomes anachronistic, I for sure don’t want to be living in that world. He/she is a disturbed person who wants to bring children down with him because they are pliable and more easily convinced. Biden should be censured for digging so deep to find this barren individual. Thank you Senator Paul for standing up for what is right now and forever….protecting children until they are legally able to protect themselves.

  9. Glenn. Accurate. A few minutes later Senator Rand Paul again asks the same question and she gives the same exact glib response which if listened to closely is very canned and evasive at best, but truly she/he does not answer the question but couches it in verbage.

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