What’s up with Biden’s transsexual?

If you want to be part of Joe Biden’s administration, you need to be a “first.”

I don’t mean “first” like first in your college graduation class. Heck, Biden himself was only in the top 50% of his law school class according to Biden and only in the top 85% according to the school records.  

No, not that kind of first. After all, this is a Democrat administration and so we’re not talking about dead white patriarchal European so-called merit.

What we’re talking about is that you need to be a “first” in your skin color or sexuality. Such as “first Asian Director of the Office of Management and Budget” or “first black woman vice president” or “first gay cabinet member” or “first Native American cabinet secretary.”

Or the subject of this column. Biden boasts that he has nominated the first transsexual Assistant Secretary for Health and Human Services.  

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