Aspen’s favorite columnist is a successful conservative blogger after being  fired by the Aspen Times

Long-time readers will recall that your correspondent was a conservative columnist for the uber-liberal Aspen Times for seven years. In that time, I became the most-read columnist in the Aspen area. My columns frequently generated more clicks than front page news.

That was not acceptable to the Aspen Times. After all, I was hired to be a token, not to be a success. On Christmas Eve in 2019, they fired me. By email. As for their reasons, they stated that my “values” were incompatible with theirs. The story was widely published, including on national sites.

Ah, but there’s justice in this world. The Aspen Times conducts a “Best of Aspen” competition each year where readers vote for their favorites in various fields. One is “Best Columnist.” The winner for year 2020 – after I’d been fired in 2019 – was yours truly.

As things turned out, being fired from the Aspen Times was a blessing for me. My blog now reaches a readership that is orders of magnitude greater than the entire Aspen Times circulation. I recently passed the half-million mark.

The left’s monopoly over the media is over forever. Yes, they own Old Media. But they don’t own Substack, WordPress (which hosts my blog) or multiple other outlets. They sure don’t own me.

That pains them. They’re now trying to control these alternate sources of news and opinion. But their task is like whack-a-mole or plugging the holes in a leaky dam. In the days of the internet, censorship is impossible. That drives them stark, raving, foaming and frothing mad.

The Aspen Times’ annual “Best of Aspen” competition has now begun for 2021. You and your friends can vote. In fact, they permit you to vote early and often (though it seems that you can vote only once a day).

I’ve once again been nominated for “Best Columnist.” The link to vote is HERE. Scroll down to the “Best Columnist” category near the end. They’ll ask for an email address, but it’s easy to later opt out of their email list or simply block them.

For a real hoot, I’ve also been nominated for “Mr. Aspen” which is the first of the categories at that link. (Interesting that there’s only a “Mr” and “Ms” category – what about the other 61 genders???) Imagine if the conservative columnist fired by the liberal Aspen Times for bad “values” is voted by its readers not only “Best Columnist” but also “Mr. Aspen.”

Note: I get nothing but grins and schadenfreude out of all this. If you ever want to join me in grins and schadenfreude by getting on my free subscriber list, the link is HERE.

13 thoughts on “Aspen’s favorite columnist is a successful conservative blogger after being  fired by the Aspen Times

  1. Vote early and often, eh? Hey, it got Joe Biden elected, so all you have to do is stay in your basement. No need to campaign. We’ve got this!

  2. Actually, Gllenn, there were two of you that were my favorites…..Glenn Beaton and Melanie Sturm. Both of you had something to consider, I miss both of you in the Aspen Times.

  3. Ah yes, revenge is a dish best eaten cold. I voted for you as Mr Aspen and best columnist. May you win both…does Mr Aspen result in a calendar photo.

  4. Way to go, Glenn. I never heard of you until I read about your firing. Now I look forward to all your columns.

    Good luck, Mr. Aspen.

    Mark Hooton
    Harvest, AL

  5. Watch out for If you become too successful, they will cut you off (like they did to The Last Refuge/Conservative Treehouse). LR/CTH was give a month’s notice after almost 10 years of successful blogging. The reason? They somehow violated the terms of service. It was never made clear, and there was no recourse. is a different story.

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