The left are bullies and proud of it – but bullies don’t win elections

A majority of Americans now think that Joe Biden is not up to the job of being president and that his administration is incompetent. But that’s not the worst of it. The worst of it for the Democrats is that they’re now accurately perceived as bullies.

The latest from the Department of (Social) Justice is that they are unleashing the FBI on parents who object to school boards teaching false, woke and politically correct tripe that America was founded on slavery. For opposing this anti-American propaganda that school boards force-feed to our children, the parents are labeled domestic terrorists.

The bland, neutered, omnipotent, unaccountable, establishmentarian, government censors (think of the Ghost Busters’ characterization of the raging pusillanimous bureaucrat, “It’s true, this man has no dick”) undoubtedly imagine that siccing the FBI on defenseless ordinary parents constitutes speaking truth to power, as leftists always do. How courageous of them!

Meanwhile, real domestic terrorists such as Antifa and BLM get a free pass. Actually, they get more than that – for burning down police stations, trashing downtowns and celebrating the assassination of cops, they’re heroized.

Yet the Old Media blankly pretend to wonder why crime is booming while the economy is faltering. It must be Trump’s fault.

The Dems’ bullying literally has no bounds. When a moderate Democrat (there are a total of two such people in the United States Senate) objects to the latest Democrat spendapalooza, leftist women and even so-called men, or something in between, chase her into a women’s bathroom to videotape her and then publish the videotape on the internet. Then they picket her house.

That’s a criminal act, but not one that they will be charged with. Instead, the stupid, senile, grafty, mendacious, manslaughtering “Big Guy” who dwells in the Oval Office (when he’s not vacationing or out collecting his 10% in laundry bags of Benjamins) growls like Marlon Brando in The Godfather, “It’s part of the process.”

What’s next in this “process”? Will they make the senator an offer she can’t refuse? Will they put a horse head in her bed?

The Democrats in Old Media think this is fine and dandy. Because that particular moderate Democrat senator dares to have a viewpoint different than theirs, she is not entitled to police protection and especially not entitled to ordinary decency.

Lawlessness and indecency are the Democrats’ modus operandi. At what used to be called “the border” they deny entry unless you come illegally. They suppose, probably correctly, that the law-abiding ones will vote Republican but the lawbreakers will vote Democrat when they become eligible to vote.

And beforehand too. Pretending that people who enter and stay in the country illegally won’t vote illegally – especially when you make it very easy to do so – is like pretending that people who trespass through your unlocked door won’t steal your wallet in plain sight on the countertop.  

(For the record, I support immigration. But only the legal kind where we receive law-abiding people.)

Cancellation is another Democrat bullying tactic. If they don’t like you, they destroy your career and your life by weaponizing something you said 20 years ago – even if they themselves were saying the same thing back then.

If you said in 1998 that something called “marriage” is only between something called a ”man” and something called a “woman,” as was the law in all 50 states, you’re subject to cancellation if you step out of the lefty line today – even though Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton were saying the same thing much more recently.

Lies are another bullying technique. The Democrats fabricate salacious and sinister stories about everything from Supreme Court justices to the cost of their wealth re-distribution schemes. They know the stories are lies, but they don’t care. All they care about is whether the lie might stick in the so-called minds of ill-informed voters who get their “news” from CNN.  

But it’s all crashing down. The truth has a way of outing.

Like Pravda in the Soviet Union, the Old Media has exhausted its credibility. When your entire purpose is to deliver the news, but people don’t trust what you say, you’re superfluous. All you have left is to cheerlead the Democrat base. That base is only 20-30% of the country, and most of it doesn’t have much money or IQ. Pandering to those impecunious ignoramuses is a poor business model.

Biden is no more credible than his Old Media allies. He lies about Afghanistan, he lies about what his generals told him, he lies about the cost of his spending spree, he lies about his academic record, he lies about the border, he lies about his criminal son’s influence peddling. Even the old guard of the Old Media acknowledge that Biden has a credibility problem, though they’re reluctant to admit that it’s because he’s not credible.

The Old Media may not be willing to say it, but the people are. The polls have him underwater on every topic — Afghanistan, immigration, COVID, trust, leadership, competency, the economy, foreign policy and taxation.

Old Media’s response to these brutal poll numbers is predictable — they simply don’t report them. But Old Media’s refusal to report the polls doesn’t make them go away. Even if Biden had political skills, and he doesn’t, once a person loses credibility people seldom start believing him again. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

Having forfeited their powers of persuasion, all the Democrats have left is bullying. To their credit, they enjoy bullying and they’re good at it. They often do it just for sport, as when Hollywood ridicules Christians.

They bully people who’ve decided not to vaccinate (I’m vaccinated, thank you very much, but that’s an individual choice), they bully people who want a say in whether their children get propagandized at public schools, they bully cops who are performing a difficult job with one hand tied behind their back by woke city councils, they bully religious people for kneeling to God rather than to leftist ideology, and they bully women in bathrooms for wanting to spend “only” a couple trillion taxpayer dollars instead of several.

The stock in trade of a bully is fear. As in, “Watch out! If you dare stand up to me, you’ll be next!” And so rather than trying to hide their bullying, the left advertises it. Rather than supporting open discussion, in a wild case of projection they warn that anyone with a different viewpoint is not someone to talk with. Rather, they say with the same foaming hysteria of Hitler that it’s someone — like Hitler! — who must be exterminated.

They miscalculate. Americans might not know what the Federal Reserve does or the names of their senators, but they do know that they don’t like bullies. And, at least for now, the voting booth is a private place where it’s difficult to bully them.

The last politician who was perceived as a bully is out of office now, even though that perception was mostly wrong. (Disclosure: I voted for him twice.) In contrast to him, the Dems are cocky bona fide bullies. They’re headed over a cliff and, like Wile E. Coyote, they’ll keep smirking till they hit the ground.

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17 thoughts on “The left are bullies and proud of it – but bullies don’t win elections

  1. My sweet, sweet Glenn… still believing that elections are honest. The marxists of today are the same as they ever were – different label (Democrat) – but same techniques of lying, deception, and now stealing elections. Whether President or dog catcher. If a “Republican” wins, it’s by design and at the pleasure of the marxist demonrats…

    • It’s fitting that we’re talking here about schoolyard behavior like bullying. In the absence of any hard evidence, the sentiment by some of the Right that the Dems steal all the elections except the ones they choose not to steal, is pretty juvenile.

      If that were so, wouldn’t they have stolen enough senate seats to have a filibuster-proof majority? At best, this “they stole it!’ sentiment amounts to just being a sore loser. IMHO.

      • The wave is building Glenn. Remember 2016 Presidential election? Around midnight numerous states froze their count. Maybe there was still a scintilla of integrity left in the dims to not press it for Hellary, or the gap was too wide for their resources to bridge.

        Fast forward to 2020 – and thousands of sworn affadavits and tens of thousands of documents all quashed. From the local level (Maricopa et al) to the Federal (Supreme Court rejecting the seminal case in US history becuase, muh, reasons -also indicting themselves as political and co-conspirators).

        AS TO YOUR case study: because they are the Uni-party Glenn… Ha ha with the quaint notion of filibuster as if the parties are on opposite sides of a divide. The demonrats know they have McConnell et al (who on earth was betting on “Repubs” holding the debt ceiling line) supporting their agenda so get the best of BOTH angles: they win the vote yet WITHOUT a need for Venezuela like majority and filibuster-proof to boot so the optics for the sheeple are that “Republicans” had a fighting chance and “fought it” .

        In short, no need to monkey hammer with filibuster-proof when the Demons know they will achieve their true objective and pacify the public on their way to it by having a superficial semblance of partisanship.

      • So, Glenn, are you now conceding that at least one election — the big one, the one leaving behind what you have dismissed as “scant” evidence of election fraud — was in fact stolen?

        Not to concede this is to be blithely unaware of the biggest bully of all — not in the political domestic schoolyard, but a block down the street and around the corner: the globalist oligarchy that cannot abide Trump and will pay anything and do anything to thwart the return of America First policies; the oligarchy that owns the Old Media and the new social media, that owns the Covid octopus extending its tentacles throughout the international medical community; that owns the corrupt Catholic hierarchy, and so on; the one now bringing about tyranny of every kind in every corner of the “free” world.

        I can’t believe that I sound like Alex Jones, but I never thought I’d see such manifest evil coming from the DOJ, the FBI, the NIH, the United Nations, the Catholic Church, etc., none of which makes me sanguine about the next election cycle.

      • I totally agree that in the sense that the oligarchy almost uniformly supported Biden and did so in a craven and dishonest way, the fix was in.

        But that’s not the same as illegal votes. There is still scant evidence for the contention that the election was illegally stolen. I frankly think the hard right needs to get over that notion. It’s probably not true, and it certainly isn’t productive. Worst of all, it tends to discourage the right from voting next time.

      • If we’re dealing with probabilities, then — given the nature of the people you have described so well — I’d say “probably so” rather than “probably not.”

        In either case, how is it not productive to seek the truth and, with it, pursue reform?
        As for discouraging good citizens from voting, I’m not buying that.

      • Spot on about the bullying. Trump faced it unbowed for four years. That should have been an indicator to voters.
        Here are my thoughts, Glenn. The Democrats, their media followers and Joe Biden’s wife had a plan (I won’t say plot or you’ll think I’m nuts). Let’s put forward a cognitively impaired candidate. He will be the figurehead and we will run the show. It’s what we are looking at, isn’t it? People capable of pulling off such a scam, are capable of working the voting system.

  2. A great summation of the lefty mind, which can only escalate in narcissistic, sociopathic criminality.

    As for the voting booth being “a private place,” I’m not sure it’s a “place” at all any longer, except in a Dominion software algorithm somewhere. What you predict is certain to occur . . . IF we have honest elections. A big IF.

  3. They’ve been Bullying by proxy for ages, just putting more Government Force behind it, a natural progression for people of their desires. Early in 2010 I think when Meg Whitman tossed her hat in the ring for the Republican nod, 1000 members of the California Nurse’s Union marched on her private residence to the the accolades of the LA Times and the rest of the local Left Wing organs. They’re making their BIG move now, All In, let’s not let them rake in the pot!

    • The fact there are still, to this day, Jan 6th individuals being held in solitary confinement ( no bail),on small level charges like illegal entry and vandalism, who even Congressmen are denied entry to visit, ( even though Fed prisons are under the purview of Congress), is further proof of political retribution of the left.
      Meanwhile, let’s ignore any charges upon last summers rioters, not to mention none upon any of the political elites responsible for the crimes committed over the hoax Russian collusion, or Hillary’s illegal emails, or Uncle Joe’s or his son’s illegalities. I’d say the Marxist coup is well on its way.

      • Agreed but there is push back, my hope is they made their move too soon. That said there is a lot to be undone, this assault has been ever present and growing since Lenin created the International. I have a 1932 book written by William Z. Foster, page 316 is an eye opener, they told US what they were going to do and I challenge anybody to say they’ve not achieved their goals, I’ll point out that in 1932 the National Department of Education did not exist, here’s the link:

  4. Bullies don’t need to win elections, they just mail in more ballots. It’s not that the Democrats have never cheated before… (Mayor Daly in Chicago, fixing it for Kennedy, is political legend)… it’s just that they’ve gotten *really good at it*. California taught them all about ballot harvesting, COVID let them spread it nationwide, and Trump Derangement Syndrome made it a moral imperative. If anyone wants a list of their methods, just look at the election reform bill Pelosi pushed – it merely codifies everything they’ve already done… and then read the Time Magazine article about how the Left “fortified our election”. Then, remember we spent years dealing with phony russian election collusion fantasies… supposedly “proven” by $80,000 in facebook ads.

  5. Whenever the subject of Biden’s lies comes up I always think of what I consider the most reprehensible one. The one about the death of his first wife in a car-truck accident. In her car she pulled out in front of a truck. The accident was investigated and the truck driver bore no responsibility. And the truck driver was sober. Yet when Biden was speaking to a group of people along the lines of Mothers Against Drunk Driving, he tried to ingratiate himself with the lie that the truck driver who “killed” his wife had been “drinking his lunch”. The truck driver died a few years ago and I read that his son said his father was haunted his entire life by the accident, and especially crushed by Biden’s lie about alcohol being involved. Joe Biden is utterly despicable, as a Senator and a President, but especially as a man.

  6. Today, I am a robot, Glenn. I’ve spent twenty unsuccessful minutes trying to prove otherwise. I may just give up and add myself to the long lost of genders.

  7. again, a great column, but we disagree with the your ideas about the libs/lefties/”progressives”–there is nothing progressive about “progressives”/moral relativists/subjectivists/humanists/secularists/Democrat goons not being evil enough to contrive ways to having stolen this past presidential election and who knows which others

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