I’m with Brandon

“I’m with her”

  • 2016 campaign slogan of Hillary Rodham Clinton

That Hillary campaign slogan didn’t work so well for her. She lost.

She lost a lot. She lost about 30,000 emails, 30 states, 304 Electoral College votes, the Supreme Court, Congress, most of the state governorships, and 80% of the land area of the country. She lost Wisconsin, for gosh sakes.

She lost her balance, her sobriety and her quarter-mil influence-peddling speaking gigs.

She lost several million dollars that her campaign paid to sleazy lawyers to fabricate a bogus Russian pee-pee dossier on Donald Trump that is now leaking all over her and those lawyers, at least one of whose journey to the White House looks to be detoured to the Big House for lying to investigators. Time will tell whether he and Hill share a cell.  

She lost to people she characterized as Deplorables. She’s a loser.

And those calves and ankles! Every night when I go to bed and every morning when I get up, I thank the Lord that “I’m with her” does not apply to me.

Besides, now there’s someone else in my life. I’m with Brandon.

Brandon is a young NASCAR racer who entered my life at about 100 mph. He prefers Bud over chard. When he makes a pit stop it’s for high octane gasoline, not for low grade pee-pee stuff. He wears a flame-proof suit that even Hillary’s 90 proof dragon breath could never penetrate.

Brandon is a regular Deplorable. He’s fast, fit and feisty. He has nothing to do with the Ukraine. His laptop is a steering wheel. He can keep a thought in his mind for the entire duration of the sentence that expresses it.

He can really drive, and right now he’s driving the Democrats crazy. He drives like a demon but he’s not demented.

He doesn’t lie; he races. He doesn’t need to defund the police; he just outruns them. He’s no “Big Guy” but he lives large. He does all of that living in a life that he thinks matters. He thinks mine matters too.

Recall a few years ago when sanctimonious leftists (yes, that’s redundant) including their president mocked the Tea Party movement with the sexually vulgar term “teabaggers.”

To them I say: Let’s go Brandon!

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13 thoughts on “I’m with Brandon

  1. I’m not sure why Glenn wasted most of a column insulting a once powerful but now irrelevant politician (get over it Glenn), but I do truly wish him and Brandon well.

  2. It’s wonderful to hear Brandon’s virtues extolled, not merely at college football games in Southern states, but at NFL games. Now for the World Series! Let it be. I might even watch some of it, having long ago lost any other reason to do so.

    As for the NBA, it takes a Turk, I guess, to sound like an American . . . .

  3. It’s not just the past few years ago starting with “Teabaggers” and “basket of deplorables.” It’s been the past decades.

    I still remember going to Support The Troops rallies that were countering the Code Pink and Anti-American Left calling Bush 43 “BusHitler” and “Buck Fush” and “F—k The Troops.”

    I can even remember in the late 80s when the radical Left blamed Reagan for AIDS, called him a mass killer and there were leftist billboards in Southern California depicting Reagan with AIDS.

    The Left have been playing these low brow political memes and slanderous slogans going back at least to the 1960s. These are all Alinsky tactics adopted by the Left since the anti-war movement of the 60s.

    The thin-skinned and arrogant Left simply does not like the taste of its own medicine … they deserve many, many more doses.

    Let them choke on “Let’s go Brandon!” and the many derivatives and meanings associated with this new slogan …

    Post Script: Over the years I have become a bit more sympathetic towards Bill Clinton, at least in regards to his history of amorous peccadillos. This doesn’t mean I’m justifying adultery, sexual harassment and even rape, as has been credibly leveled at Slick Willie. But surely, being married to an imperious vile serpent like Hillary must leave the man with a need for some lovin’ and affection.

  4. What a terrible typeface it is virtually illegible. Consult a graphic artist about this. A liight san serif is the worst. I gave up trying to read it.

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