Trump will win again, then comes the hard part

The polls are wrong again, and this time we have advance evidence beyond Trump’s say-so.

Polling has always been an inexact science, and now it’s harder than ever. It’s hard to get a representative sampling of actual voters by making random telephone calls to people whose willingness to participate and trust of media pollsters are skewed politically.

Look at an example separate from the presidential race. In Maine, four-term Senator Susan Collins is up for re-election for her fifth term. In her last two elections, she won by 23 and 37-point margins. Yet polls show her behind this time by about 5 points.

Those polls cannot be right. She’ll win by at least 4 points, suggesting a huge error in the polls – an error of at least 9 points.

Other factors are uniquely Trumpian. First, Trump’s approval ratings are higher than his polling numbers. If both are accurate, then many people who approve of his job performance nonetheless want to fire him.

It’s probably the polling number that’s wrong. Many people who plan to vote for Trump won’t say so because they’ve been intimidated by Trump-haters.

The reason Trump’s approval ratings are fairly high is that people generally like his policies – on immigration, foreign affairs, energy, the economy and other traditionally important matters.

Justice Amy Coney Barrett is another factor. By the time her confirmation hearings were over, a majority of Americans thought she should be confirmed. The people’s support for Barrett is a proxy, albeit an inexact one, for their support for the man who nominated her.

Enthusiasm for that man is very high. In the midst of a pandemic, thousands still come to see and hear Trump. In contrast, so few people show up at Joe Biden’s campaign rallies that he’s nearly stopped doing them.

Biden can’t remember where he is, what he’s running for or the name of his opponent. He loses track of which woman is his sister, which woman is his wife and which woman is the 13-year-old he’s supposed to keep his hands off. When he walks onto a stage, he literally dodders.

And everyone knows that his replacement would be the person rated the most leftist in the United States Senate – more left than Bernie Sanders.

Unlike Hillary, Biden cannot credibly warn that Trump is a nutcase who will push the Red Button to annihilate the world. Trump has been president for nearly four years and the world is more peaceful than it’s been in decades. The man has been nominated four times for the Nobel Peace Prize. Trump has shown he’s not a violent nut, while Biden has shown he is cognitively impaired. 

Speaking of violent nuts, the media initially gave a lot of coverage to the “mostly peaceful protests” because they thought they hurt Trump. Then they figured out that people not only don’t like riots, they also don’t like rioters – and nearly all the rioters are Democrats. So the media cut back on their riot coverage.

But there are still riots, people know that, and people know that the rioters are Democrats.

Contrary to conventional Democrat “wisdom,” minorities don’t like the riots any more than the rest of America does – maybe even less since the riots are often in minority neighborhoods. And they, too, know that the rioters – many of whom are privileged whites – are Democrats. Many this time plan to vote against these rioters and their Democrat sympathizers.

Finally, Biden is now scandalized. His family has been clumsily trading political influence for hard cash from foreign governments. Emails proven authentic suggest that Joe himself was taking a cut, which would explain how he bought opulent houses on a life-long government salary.

You can be sure that China and Russia have all those emails and more.

This scandal has stuck to Biden like the wet booger that’s his son, even though – and to some extent because – Biden has refused to discuss it or even specifically deny it and the malfeasant media has refused to cover it. People don’t like a coverup, they don’t like stonewalling, they don’t like media fixes and they don’t like wet boogers.

So the polls are wrong again, and Trump will win again. Then what?

We’ll have more “mostly peaceful protests,” that’s what. The mostly peaceful protesters will loot stores, burn cities, assault cops and murder bystanders, all in the name of defeating Trump’s ever-impending authoritarianism by collecting as much free stuff as they can carry out of Target.

The leftist media will again encourage the rioters. But, thankfully, decent people including most Biden voters will condemn them. America will survive. Many media outlets will not, and that’s good.

The riots will soon fade. After all, if these rioting losers were able to exert hard effort for prolonged periods, they wouldn’t be rioting losers. The stock market will recover. The Democrats will retain the House, and the GOP will retain the Senate. Next year Trump will nominate his fourth Supreme Court justice and, before he’s done, he’ll nominate his fifth. Once a year, he’ll be impeached by the House and acquitted by the Senate.

It’ll be a return to what passes for normalcy in Washington.

But the damage to the Democratic Party for its flirtation with violent Marxism via an empty senile suit controlled by anti-American socialist puppeteers and foreign governments with Kompromat will last for years. It will splinter the party and weaken our nation.

The schadenfreude will almost make the damage worthwhile. Almost, but not quite.

35 thoughts on “Trump will win again, then comes the hard part

    • I do, too, and am praying daily that Pres Trump will be re elected and keep the Senate. Taking the house back would be heaven.

    • I have not said who my guy is. I have not posted either, so I have nothing to retract or crow about. You, on the other hand, have made such a statement. So, if Trump wins will you come to this site and admit you were wrong? If Biden just barely squeaks out a win, will you come on this site and admit you were partly wrong?

  1. We’re all waiting to see what post-election surprises BLM and the rest of the Left have in store. It’s a given that they’ll riot and break windows and torch stores and homes, but it’s not apparent that their fury over losing would differ much from their celebrations over winning.

  2. Rioters don’t seem to understand that they’re angry because previous generations have spent them into penury, beginning in the 40’s with the intergenerational Ponzi scheme known as Social Security. A Biden win will do nothing to assuage their anger, nor should it because Biden and his party are what created this mess. These kids are the future, suppressing their anger amounts to eating our seed corn. Sadly neither Trump nor Biden will do the right thing: reach out to them and try to make things right

    • We disagree on the subject of your last sentence, “reach[ing] out to them and try to make things right”: If Trump doesn’t “reach out to them,” the rioters/looters/antifa maniacs, mostly-white BLM goons, it is because he knows that “they” don’t want to be reached by Trump, only by the pie-in-the-sky, “everything is free,” Harris and Sanders and Ocasio-Cortez kind who buy loyalty–it appears that most sensible folks understand this and agree. And we would be surprised if Biden doesn’t “reach out to them,” simply because they have made themselves, in spite of what Biden would have preferred, an important part of his base.

  3. “We’ll have more ‘mostly peaceful protests,’ that’s what.” Spoken like a true cynic. I like the way he incorporates the word “schadenfreude.” I used that word a lot the past four years. I’m in no hurry to drop it from my daily allotment of vocabulary words.

    • An intelligent comment on Glenn’s article, specifically “…Trump will win again. Then what? We’ll have more ‘mostly peaceful protests,’ that’s what” would have either agreed or disagreed with Glenn’s statement, and with or without commenting on Glenn being a cynic, probably.

      And further, Mr Hubbell, you might not know it, but is easy for an intelligent person to be cynical about anything as filthy as the lib/lefty/”progressive”/moral relativist/subjectivist/humanist/secularist/Democrat garbage generally, and specifically about those who either approved of the “peaceful protests” or were silent for obvious reasons, reasons which Glenn explains excellently well.

      Glad you asked. We are happy to help. Anytime. Just anytime.

      • Luis, I have no idea what you’re going on about. The fact is, I entirely agree with what Glenn said. I took his use of “mostly peaceful” in the spirit in which he intended, as a sarcasm on the Left. Perhaps I didn’t make that clear enough?

  4. There will certainly be some schadenfreude (taking pleasure in another’s suffering). It remains uncertain who will be included in the pleasure, and who will be included in the suffering. Especially when we consider our children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren.

  5. Glenn you are delusional. And so are most of the assclowns posting here. The polls are very strong this year, and unfortunately Trump is NOT. And anyone who is Not an Idiot or a selfish assfuck detests Trump. 1. for his total disregard of the planet (environment – “Global warming is a hoax..” and 2. for his total disrespect for anyone other than himself. If you still support this guy after the destruction that he has put our country through for the last 4 years, you really are not a very bright person (or, as I said, you are a selfish assfuck).
    And for the asshole’s comment on Rioters. No BLM folks are protesting, and this is what formed our country you nut job. And most of those rioting are likely the white nationalists and folks like you all. So go fuck yourselves because you Lost and you can go cry yourself into oblivion you losers. Trump is gone, and you can all just go to hell for supporting him and helping to destroy America during the last 4 years. I look forward to seeing you fucks all in tears in 3 days. I shit you!

    • A doddery old man with early onset senility. A failed presidential candidate who has overcome her previous moral qualms about the doddery, senile, greedy corrupt man a year after she accused him of racist attitudes, is propping him up till she can take the top job out from under him. That’s the Democrat party promise.
      You talk about toast, you ignorant dope. If Biden wins, we’re all up Schitts creek without a paddle.

  6. such a lame site. go to 538 and learn you numbskulls. I shit you all for being so fucking dumb.And I look forward to seeing you in tears in 3 days. Your bitch ass fuckhead of a shit filled president is TOAST. GOOD BYE YOU ASSHOLES. We are taking the country back and you all can just fuck off. Republicans are and have been the curse of our country for the last 3 decades. Wake up and grow up and reform the GOP or you will never win another election you LOSERS.

    • I usually delete obscenity, but here I think it’s important for people to see the Left as it really is. Thank you for helping me in that regard. As for yourself, consider getting some professional attention for your anger issues. Glenn

      • Our admiration for your work, your style including clarity, your use of English, grows with each of your columns, and this excellent response to Peter Gregory and Donald Grenald is better than excellent
        Thanks for your work, it really inspires–that is, it inspires those of use who know about natural law, reality, common sense. We pray for your continued health, and ask God to provide you with extra endurance, courage, and commitment.
        And the Aspen Times can go to the dickens.

      • The Left leaves trash everywhere they go, don’t they? It all began with Woodstock, then on to Occupy Wall Street, BLM/Antifa protests, riots in Democrat-run cities. . .

      • Forget about “professional attention,” since the social sciences professional class is out to lunch when it comes to addressing the human spirit. These two sound like demoniacs, spewing the kind of stuff exorcists — who are working overtime these days — have to listen to.

        You are correct not to delete such comments— we must know what we are dealing with. Like Luis and JoAnne, I pray for your continued strength and soundness of spirit.

  7. Awesome article! And I believe he’ll win too. Too many Americans are waking up and rightfully so. The Socialist Demon-crats might try to cheat and steal this election but I don’t think that will work either because they’ve severely overplayed their hand and now most people with a lick of sense know what evil and power hungry people they are and they also know what’s at stake- our freedoms and way of life.

  8. This is satire? Biden’s going to win by 12-15 million votes and wind up with around 350-380 electoral votes. Try living in the real world for a change.🙄

  9. Assuming DJT does win, his immediate first step is going to have be to go after GS, his entire family and Open Society Institute, his corrupt racketeering organization (I call it SPECTRE for laughs and giggles).

  10. I totally agree with your article. There’s one thing left out, it’s not just this election but all future presidential elections that the Democratic nominee should be asked “Will you pack the Supreme Court?”

  11. I see one commenter suggests Trump supporters “reach out” to the “rioters” and try to “make things right,” whereas at least two other commenters (evidently among those to whom Trump should “reach out”) state in no uncertain terms that they despise everyone and everything that is not in lockstep agreement with them.
    Hence, I can only conclude that “reaching out” to such people would be ineffective, unless it is ballistically, preferably something in the range of 5.56 x 39 or better.

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