Six possible reasons the Dems want lockdowns forever

A recent Gallup poll showed that most Americans think it’s time to move on from the pandemic. But not the Democrats.

Democrats say by a 71-29% margin that we still should not “live normal lives”, but instead should “try to stay at home.” That’s despite the fact that the COVID death rate in America is down nearly 90%, the new cases are down about 65%, over half of Americans have been vaccinated (and over 80% of the vulnerable ones) by vaccines shown to be 95% effective, and even the redoubtable (or perhaps doubtable) Dr. Fauci says we can go out now.

So what gives? I can suggest at least six answers to that question.

First, maybe it’s just because the Dems are chickenshit. We do know that they’re chickenshit, after all. Honestly, if you were a soldier in a battle with the odds against you, would you want to share a foxhole with a Democrat?

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