Caitlyn Jenner has balls

Caitlyn Jenner was born as a boy named Bruce and grew into a heck of a man. After his college football career was cut short by a knee injury, the young man switched to the decathlon. Competitors must excel in 10 very different sports including jumping, sprinting, pole vaulting, shot putting, discus throwing and distance running.

Bruce was a dedicated and gifted athlete. He won the Gold Medal in the Olympic Decathlon in 1976 at a time when the Soviet block routinely cheated with drugs.  He not only won, but set a world record in doing so.  

In the game of life, Bruce was just getting warmed up. He’s been married thrice and fathered six children. He became successful as a writer, auto racer, businessman and television star. He married a Kardashian and, unrelatedly, was on the cover of Wheaties. There was a lot to admire about Bruce.

But the thing I admire most about the man is that he looked deep within himself and found a herself. Bruce became Caitlyn.

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