If gas costs too much, then why are people still burning it in their assault trucks?

As I pumped about $70 worth of liquid gold into my tank in preparation for the three-day weekend established to memorialize three-day weekends, I noticed that the guy next to me put quadruple that into his.

His was attached to one of those ginormous RV things that always seem to be in front of me on the mountain passes of Colorado.

A friend has one of these. He says they get about six miles to the gallon. I think he’s got that reversed.

Those monstrosities are a pet peeve of mine, and so are their RV’s. Admittedly, that alone is not a knock on them. Regular readers (I know I’m flattering both you and me to suggest there’s anything regular about my readers) are aware that I have an entire petting zoo of pet peeves that I lovingly pet.

But anyhow.

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