Whose fault is it that America is descending into Third World status?

Store theft is now done openly. People load their arms or shopping carts with stuff they want and simply walk out the door. After closing, mobs of them smash the storefront and grab what they want. I’m reminded of stores in Mexico where padlocked steel curtains cover the glass storefronts each night. After closing, the store become a little fortress.

The left explains that this isn’t looting because . . . reasons. One reason is that it’s really a protest for social justice, whatever that is. Another reason is that stores have insurance, dontcha know, and so stealing from them isn’t really stealing. Another reason is that the looters are jobless due to COVID, and so their theft is excused by their hunger.

In other words, the left contends that stealing a Prada bag to feed their greed is just like Jean Valjean stealing a loaf of bread to feed his sister’s children.

Speaking of the jobless, employers are desperately seeking to relieve them of that status while the jobless are desperately seeking to maintain that status. People have decided they’d rather not work, which is understandable since we told them they don’t need to and we even pay them money not to.

Joe Biden still denies it’s happening (he’s probably being ignorantly sincere but he might be knowingly lying – you never know which it is with Joe) but these workers opting out of work have caused a shortage of the things that workers used to make. Go figure.

The resulting inflation has now reached that level of emotional spiral where it takes on a life of its own. Unable to hire workers to meet the demand for their products, businesses raise prices on the little product they can produce, which causes inflation which causes the expectation of more inflation which causes more inflation.

The left says this mass resignation of American workers is a good thing. Lefty economist Paul Krugman writing for the New York Times says people’s refusal to return to jobs they were reasonably happy with, but shouldn’t have been, is a “silver lining” to COVID.  

Consider the irony that Krugman, who thinks societal wealth is produced by printing more money, analogizes to a precious metal.

It must bug Krug that millions of people wade across the Rio Grande in search of these jobs that make people unhappy if only they weren’t too stupid to know it. His only solace is that at least they come illegally and so he thinks that they, like most criminals, are future Democrats.

He’s mostly wrong. People who risk everything and even commit an immigration crime, all for the purpose of finding work to feed their families, are not likely to become Democrats. Indeed, Hispanics were never really on the Dem plantation, and increasingly don’t want anything to do with it.

Murder is on the rise nationwide. The left explains that it’s not because murderers are emboldened or society is coarsened, but because of COVID. Oh, and guns too, which were evidently invented just now. It might also be due to global warming. Meanwhile, lefty politicians defund the police while spending taxpayer dollars for personal bodyguards.

On the streets and highways, people drive wildly. I’m not talking about speeding 10 mph over the limit or running yellow lights. I’m talking about running lights that have been red for a long time, maniacal weaving through highway traffic, and laying on the horn and flipping the bird at other drivers who commit no offense other than being in their way.

The left now instructs the police – the ones not yet defunded – not to stop these lunatics because that would be racist because too many of them have dark skin.

Fine, but could we at least stop the white ones?

They are sure to stop the Asian ones if they can find any. Anti-Asian discrimination is the good kind, we’re told. Harvard candidly discriminates against them because, dontcha know, they have bad personalities. An Obama-appointed judge in Boston agreed. The Supreme Court is stalling on whether to decide the case or just let it fly under their radar. After all, the victims are only Asians.  

Everyone knows that the real reason for discriminating against Asians is that they’re too meritorious. So rather than increasing the merit of non-Asians in order to compete better with Asians, the left is abolishing merit. If their favored groups don’t do well on the tests, they abolish the tests.

That same Supreme Court looks like it will decide to uphold a law in Mississippi that allows a pregnant woman only three months to abort her baby. The left says this law from the former and current Confederacy – which is similar to the abortion laws of France, Germany, Belgium, Spain, Italy and Switzerland – violates Section . . . um, mumble . . .  of the Constitutional guaranteeing a womyn’s right choose an abortion whenever she/he/they/it wants and guaranteeing a baby’s obligation to be the victim of that abortion whenever the womyn wants – just like in China.

Justice-ish Sotomayor, appointed by the current de facto president, Barack Obama, warned her colleague-ish Justices in open court that upholding this law would create the “stench” (her word) of a politicized Supreme Court because it would require reconsidering the celebrated case of Roe v. Wade where a Justice nicknamed “Hip Pocket Harry” for his choice of residency in the hip pocket (or was it the front pocket?) of the Chief Justice at the time discovered said Section . . . umm, mumble . . . of the Constitution.

But according to the left it would be different to overrule Citizens United which held that under something called the First Amendment (curses on that Bill of Rights thingy!) political candidates can receive not just money from trade unions, as they always have, but also money from the people. Same with Heller which said that the Second Amendment (more curses on that Bill of Rights – rights are for trade unions, school boards and the FBI, not for people!) means what it says. Overruling those cases, the left assures us, would not be politically stenchy but would be a breath of fresh air.

Which is something increasingly rare in our once-great cities where fresh air is polluted by stenchy vagrants who camp on the sidewalks and poop in the parks. They’re not discouraged; they’re heroized. The leftist rulers of our cities spend taxpayer money to entice them downtown to remind us that America is bad. The bums allow themselves to be used in this manner because it satisfies their need for the sympathy deserving of a willing victim of a life of willful failure.

Fresh air is something also denied to toddlers who are forced to wear COVID masks. The left orders this not to protect toddlers – who get approximately 0.0% of COVID cases – but to remind you that they’re the boss. They control what your children wear and what they learn. They own them.

There’s a common thread here. The left controls colleges, big business, schools, media and entertainment. They’ve convinced much of America especially young people that Western Civilization is bad. They’re actively rooting against us.

Their ideas for a substitute civilization that they will rule, benevolently they assure us, are at best pipe dreams and are at worst authoritarian nightmares. Their substitute civilizations will fail, as they always have, but in the meantime they want to destroy what’s here. In that, they’re winning.

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